Las Vegas cash flow drops later | Nation –

Las Vegas cash flow drops later | Nation


LAS VEGAS – The mbad shooting in Las Vegas by an armed man on top of concert halls left 58 dead, hundreds wounded and thousands of scars from that night's trauma.

Now the Las Vegas Strip is seeing the economic effects of what was developed on October 1.

Nevada Gaming Control Board reported Thursday that in October, the Las Vegas Strip recorded a decrease in revenue of more than 6 percent compared to October 2016. Then, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority released its data showing that visits to the city decreased 4.2 percent to 3.6 million visitors in October compared to the same month in 2016.

Kevin Bagger, executive director of the visitor authority's research center, said the shooting It was the culprit of the fall in the visitor volume. He said the cancellations came mainly from "vehicular traffic," not from visitors arriving by plane.

He said that in the polls, people who canceled their trips did not think it was appropriate to go to Las Vegas shortly after the shooting. .

"They knew that people were suffering and they said they would wait for now while people get through this," Bagger said. "That, along with the concern that the Vegas environment is not what it usually is: fun and exciting, it could be quieter."

It is not difficult to overlook the evidence of the shootings in Las Vegas. around the city.

Several casinos still have the "Vegas Strong" hashtag in the marquees. Mandalay Bay, where the gunman threw his discharge from the 32nd floor, has the words plastered on his hotel.

At a recent opening ceremony for the stadium of the future badailants of Las Vegas, 58 lights were in the background to represent the victims. There have been several hearings at the Clark County Commission, which is struggling with the details of how to distribute the funds raised to help the victims. The crosses, candles and cards left on the iconic "Las Vegas Fabulous" sign have been moved to a museum, but signatures of fans remain on a rock near the sign.

Clark County also began installing bollards in mid-November – with plans to have 800 of them at various locations along the Las Vegas Strip between Tropicana Avenue and Spring Mountain Road in front of Bellagio, Paris, Caesars, Harrah & # 39; s, The Venetian and New York-New York.

Beginning next year, the county plans to install 7,500 more along the Strip.

In the polls, Bagger said security concerns were not often mentioned when people answered why they had canceled a trip to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas was hit hard by the recession of the past decade, particularly the housing market, and the tourism industry showed strong signs of recovery only in recent years.

Michael Green, badistant professor of history at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, said the city had been on an upward trajectory for visitors and it was not clear if the shooting would have a long-term effect.

He said that travelers who arrive in the city arrive to escape the vagaries of the world. Seeing evidence of the tragedy throughout the city and on the Strip could get them out of that mentality.

"Of course, it depends on the person, but in general people do not come to Las Vegas to reflect on the universe", Green

But many come to bet, and the Strip's income for most games They showed a sharp fall in October.

The casino won $ 528.68 million in October, compared to $ 562.73 million in October 2016.

Michael Lawton, senior research badyst at the Nevada Gaming Control Board, said Strip was going to have a hard time getting over the numbers October 2016. That month, revenues increased 14 percent.

Lawton also said that last October he suffered a day off compared to October 2016. He added that the Strip featured two highly anticipated boxing matches in August and September, while October had none.

"Of course, this adds to the events that occurred on October 1," he said in an email.

Representatives from MGM Resorts International and Caesars Entertainment – who own most of the properties in the Strip – did not return requests for comment. Sands Corp., owner of Venetian and Palazzo, forwarded the inquiries to the visiting authority.

Despite the setback in October, the Strip's revenues increased 1.8 percent compared to the same period of the fiscal year – July to October – 2016, according to the Games Control Board.

The city also had good news as revenues from games at the center soared 9 percent to $ 63.57 million compared to $ 57.81 million in October. 2016. And the McCarran International Airport saw its busiest month in its history with 4.3 million pbadengers arriving in October.

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