Las Cruces houses may be listed 1 under the Historical Ordinance

A year and a half after work began, with almost complete repairs, the home was recently sold to a Virgin Galactic employee and his wife, who relocated to Las Cruce as the company launched commercial from Spaceport America Is ready for. Hoffman said the house was sold before coming to the market after being lost after driving around the city.

The history of the house, which was created before New Mexico became a state, is compiled from historical collections kept in old newspapers, county records, and the library of New Mexico State University.

Hadley bought the land in 1900 and built a small house on it. In 1908, he sold it to McBride, who also served on the college’s Board of Regents. McBride added it at home before selling it in 1912. It changed hands several times over the years.

It has tripled in size with new construction. A pool, hot tub and water features were added to the backyard and a heating and cooling system was installed for the first time. The chimney was the only source of heat.

Wooden beams were salvaged and reused from Headley’s original adobe house. The pantry door is originally believed to be the 1908 front door. It has an antique brass doorbell.

Councilors in the city of Las Cruces approved the creation of a historic preservation ordinance in December, which established a process for property owners to apply for the historic designation and a commission to oversee preservation.

City Historic Preservation Specialist Troy Ainsworth confirmed that, if approved, the Headley / McBride house would be the first property added to the city register. To end the list, an asset needs to have some historical significance if it is older than 50 or new.

As the ordinance went into effect, he said some interest had been received from property owners, but no follow-up. Ainsworth said some plans for the COVID-19 pandemic were delayed.

Under the ordinance, owners should choose to begin the process. The existing landmarks in Las Cruces, which may be on state or national registers, were not grandfathered in the city register. But those sites are still eligible, Ainsworth said.

The owners of Headley / McBride House plan to apply for the designation. Members of the Historic Preservation Commission have visited the house, Hoffman said.

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