Larry Kudlow says Trump has “approved” a “revised” stimulus package

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said Friday that President Trump has “revised” the coronovirus relief package, although it is not yet clear what it means. Chat on one Coronavirus relief package Has held Capitol Hill for weeks, but President Trump earlier this week Locked the door On a deal before the election, though he later withdrew.

“The president has approved a revised package,” Kudlow said Friday morning on Fox Business. “He would like to make a deal.”

Kudlow claimed that he was putting a “final touch” on a package with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. But Kudlow has not been intimately involved in talks on Capitol Hill, as has Treasury Secretary Steve Menuchin.

However, Speaker Nancy Pelosi indicated that there has been limited progress in negotiations with the White House on the coronovirus relief package, saying in a letter to her Democratic colleagues on Saturday that a resolution presented Friday by the Trump administration “went one step further”. ” , two steps behind. ”

“When the president talks about a major relief package, his proposal seems to be that he wants more money to grant or withdraw from his discretion, rather than how we honor our cadres, the virus Agree on language to crush and put money. Workers’ pockets, “Pelosi wrote. “At this point, we still have disagreements over many priorities, and Democrats are waiting for language on several provisions from the administration as negotiations continue on the overall funding amount.”

The White House initially rejected the idea of ​​a major provocation, but late on Friday morning, the president tweeted, “Kovid is moving forward with relief talks. Go big!”

Mr trump Incentive talks were closed earlier this week, Saying he “instructed my delegates to call off the negotiations until after the election.” Hours later, he tweeted urging Congress to provide assistance in a series of standalone bills. The president’s tweet calling for the talks sent markets staggered, and he was surprised several weeks before the election.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell also doubted a possible deal on Friday, saying he believed the “situation is marshy in a way.”

“I want to see us rising up, like we did back in March and April, but I think that’s unlikely in the next three weeks,” McConnell told reporters in Kentucky, referring to earlier bipartisan legislation. .

A Pelosi spokesperson later said on Friday that Pelosi and Mnuchin had spoken for 30 minutes that afternoon.

Pelli Deputy Chief Daye Hamill said, “The speaker and secretary Mnuchin spoke through the phone at 30:40 pm for just 30 minutes. Today, the secretary returned to the table with a proposal. The staff.” Of particular concern is the absence of an agreement on a strategic plan to crush the virus. For this and other provisions, we are still awaiting language from the administration as negotiations on the overall funding amount continue. ”

Last week the House passed a $ 2.4 trillion relief bill, which would reinstate a popular benefit that provided an additional $ 600 per week on top of unemployment benefits, provide another round of direct payments, and provide for schools and state and local jurisdictions. Will provide money for The legislation was a diluted $ 3.4 billion version, which the House initially passed in May.

But McConnell has indicated that the Senate would be reluctant to consider any legislation costing more than $ 2 trillion to get the House bill’s price tag as “outlandish” and “too high”.

Mr. Trump remains in the White House, where he is recovering from COVID-19 Election campaign can start once again soon.


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