Large-scale coronavirus vaccination is not necessary in China, officially says

A top health official in China said that effective measures have controlled the domestic epidemic, and according to a report, large-scale vaccination programs are not necessary at this stage.

“It is a question of balance between risks and benefits,” Gao Fu, director of the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), told reporters, according to the state-owned news agency China News Service.

Director General of Chinese Disease Control and Prevention Gao Fu speaks during a news conference on the prevention and control of new coronovirus-related pneumonia in Beijing, China on January 22, 2020.
(Jason Lee / Reuters)

“Since the first wave of the new crown epidemic in Wuhan, China has already survived the effects of the new crown epidemic several times,” Gao Fu said, according to the agency.

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When outbreaks of the virus began in China’s northeast, Beijing, Xinjiang and other regions, the nation “already had mature and effective comprehensive response measures”, including proliferation, the agency wrote.

With facts such as rapid identification of infected people, contact tracing, and “effective eradication of related environments”, according to China’s News Service, the facts have proved that we have many magical weapons to deal with the epidemic.

He reportedly said that if an epidemic occurs again on a scale equal to Wuhan, mass vaccination should be done, although for now, the news agency wrote that “the domestic epidemic is well controlled. Mass vaccination is not required at this stage. ”

The Chinese CDC director instead advised stratified vaccination, prioritizing frontline workers in high-risk areas for the epidemic and Chinese working abroad. According to the agency’s report, second, the in-line should be for those who catering, security and cleaning.

A similar air of belief was suggested last month by Wu Xunyu, a leading epidemiologist at the Chinese CDC. On August 19, Zunayou reportedly said that the country is likely to control a possible COVID-19 resurgence based on prevention efforts over the past six months, a news release from the National Health Commission (NHC) in the coming months Believes in his ability. The People’s Republic of China.

On Monday, the NHC reported just 10 new virus cases, all of which were asked to import 31 provinces and “the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps on the Chinese mainland.” Asymptomatic cases are counted separately and lengthened 39, all, similarly, are said to be imported.

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