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LARA announces emergency rules for medical marijuana

The state of Michigan released emergency rules as it launches new medical marijuana regulations.

Michigan begins taking applications for growers, processors, transporters, testers and dispensaries on December 15.

Now you know what rules you must follow, at least for the next six months.

JP Thornewell is a medical marijuana patient. He says that the 33 pages of emergency rules published by the state do little to help patients like him obtain his medicine.

"It's always a gray area with this, and that's one of the big problems that LARA has had to solve in recent years is to understand the patient's access and work with the patients, I do not think the regulations go to change anything, "said Thornewell.

The new rules require that companies have video surveillance and verify the background of all employees.

They also describe the testing procedures and break down the labeling requirements for different medicinal marijuana products.

"From what I can see, the 33 pages that were released do not change things much," said Misty Cassell of the Chronic Certification Center in Traverse City.

She says that it will be difficult for many companies to fulfill so quickly.

"Some of the things that are asked for can take two weeks to get, the necessary documentation for the application experience, so their demands are heavy and the demands of the patients are even heavier," he said. Cassell.

The town of Kingsley says these emergency rules will help them after they recently approved a multimillion-dollar medical marijuana production facility.

Concrete guidelines are given. We really could not move forward without them, so it was an action that had to take place, it was mandatory for us to do what we need to do right, "said Village Administrator Dan Hawkins

. These emergency rules will be in effect. six months.



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