Lankford argues that he ‘stepped in’ on Friday and held private talks with the GSA on the Biden transition process

Lankford said, “I spoke to him on Friday, I talked to him, with whom he spoke and what he said.” My staff is involved in this; I was involved.”

Lankford said he spoke to the agency to determine whether Biden is president-elect and a formal change should begin, including an intelligence briefing for the new administration.

Lankford, who oversees the Senate subcommittee, said, “We talked about the process where they are coming from. What I saw is a good process, but I’m not going into all the details.” . ” Agency.

Lankford defended the General Services Administration’s decision not to know that Biden was president-elect, arguing that the agency could not make any such determination with one of the candidates disputing the election and before The results should be certified by the states.

“There’s no way they can find out,” Lankford said. “GSA is not an election.”

The comment came after Lanford drew attention last week when he said that Biden should be informed about national security matters by 13 November.

Lankford told radio station KRMG on November 11, “There is no harm in getting the briefing and being able to do it. If it doesn’t happen by Friday, I will step into it.” Whatever the outcome of the election goes, people can be prepared for that actual work. ”

Lankford said on Monday that Biden should receive regular classified intelligence briefings that he received as a candidate. But he argued that Biden should not have access to the presidential brief – or daily summaries of high-level intelligence – until he was officially declared president-elect.

On Saturday, Lankford told conservative outlet Newsmax: “I’m not in a hurry, necessarily, which Biden has to get these briefings. It’s interesting that the media – the national media, not this network but others – swung the word Have given. ‘Come in.’ “

Lankford claimed that he was not inconsistent on Monday: “Nothing has changed for me.” They argued that they are “concerned” about the short transition process and want to ensure that Biden gets some level of briefing as Trump disputes the election results.

“I wouldn’t really like to do an Intel gap in the meantime,” Lankford said.

Asked what the drop-dead date is for Trump, Lankford reported on December 14, when Electoral College cast its ballots, “when the entire country is certified.”

One of the first official stages of the transition from one presidential administration to another is that GSA Administrator Bisen will sign a letter to the transition team to release the funds, which is said to go through the process, one step administrator Emily W. Murphy hasn’t taken it yet. , While Trump has refused to win the election.
Following Lankford’s initial remarks, several senior Republicans in the Senate also called last week to use Biden for a classified security briefing, including Sen. Chalk Grassley of Iowa, the most senior in the Pro Temporer Chamber as president. Was a citizen, and Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, a close Trump aide. Some GOP lawmakers cited the official report of the September 11, 2001, terrorist report, stating that from Bill Clinton becoming president to George W.W. National security was negatively impacted during the transition up to Bush.

CNN’s Betsy Klein, Allison Main and Caroline Kelly contributed to this report.


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