Lancaster judge decides to grant $ 1 million bail for accused rioters

According to a report Wednesday from a Lancaster County, Pa., Judge, some of them set bail at $ 1 million for each of several accused rioters after hiring private lawyers and filing a petition to protest against the amount Expected to be reissued.

Magisterial District Judge Bruce Roth said he would be hearing bail on Thursday, each of which reported to 9 defense counsel Lancaster Online.

“I want all defendants to be treated equally, so I tried to procure lawyers for all of them, so they could all go to bail hearing at the same time,” Roth said.

The cases are being reconsidered in response to bail petitions filed by some defendants who hired private lawyers, Roth told the website in an email.

The judge granted bail of $ 1 million to at least nine of the 13 people arrested early Monday during the shooting of the Ricoh Kangaroo police. They are charged with felony and arson, rioting, vandalism and criminal conspiracy.

Catherine Patterson’s father – one of the accused rioters and sister sister of Kappa Delta – in an interview on Wednesday described her daughter in prison as “vengeful”.

“[I’m] Completely floated. “It’s really very convenient,” said Chip Patterson. “You want to have confidence in the system because it is the only one that we have and then you experience it. I understand why my daughter would protest in the first place. ”

Social justice advocacy groups also called the bail amount excessive. Pennsylvania Lieutenant Government John JohnTerman called it “unconstitutional”.