Lana Del Rey Releases New Spokesperson’s Word Poetry Album Violet Bent Backsword Over The Grass

Lana Del Rey has released the audiobook version of her new poetry collection Violet bent backside over the grass. Read by Del Rey, the project also has the music of his frequent collaborator Jack Antonoff. It is now out via Interscope and available for purchase. Check out the sample track “La Who Who I Love to Love You” below.

Singer announced Violet bent backside over the grass In December. Hardcover and ebook editions will come out on September 29, with CDs and LPs coming a few days later on October 2. This is the first of two new poetry projects Del Rey has shared plans for this year. Secondly, titled Behind the Iron Gates – Insights from an Institute, Does not yet have a release date confirmed. Del Rey shared a selection from that collection titled “Patent Leather Do-Over” in May.

When he announced Violet bent backside over the grass, Del Rey said that half of the proceeds would “benefit Native American organizations across the country, whether to protect their rights or to help keep their land intact.” It announced the Navajo Water Project as a beneficiary in July. He said in a follow up post that he Purple Advance would also benefit from “various Native American projects”, but did not provide further explanation.

Del Rey also reportedly has a new album for September 5, which she announced in a lengthy Instagram post on May 21. As she wrote about the notion that she “abuses,” her comments about artists including Doja Kat, Nicki Minaj and the cast were criticized on social media by Cardi B. She clarified her remarks with another Instagram post on May 23, stating that she wanted to “address the importance of self-advocacy for a more delicate and often rejected, softer female personality.”

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