Lampard happy to avoid trap game against Norwich City

Frank Lampard pleased himself by scoring all three points at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday night, with a 1-0 home win against Norwich City. But the Chelsea head coach also said that performance issues are still sluggish.

The scorer fails to reflect Chelsea’s dominance against the worst team in the Premier League, yet underlines the Blues’ persistent inability to overcome inferior opposition, such as having already eliminated the visitors on the previous night had gone.

Chelsea could very well have scored three goals by the end of the first half, with both Olivier Giroud and Christian Pulisic not having solid chances.

“Ideally you get first, then score one or two more but you look at the games from last night with Manchester United and then Leicester. It’s so intense at the end of the business so minute You take your three points. ”

“There were so many elements of our game that we wanted to get better, we could cause them more problems with the ball and there was not enough rotation. We didn’t really give him a chance, we defended well enough and we got our three points.

“We handled it well. This was one of the things I was very happy with. We moved Azpi to the other side and he brought on Bendia who is a dangerous player who comes off the line. We were still a bit under attack on the bottom and I felt it was time for security and nearby security. We had 10 to 15 minutes in the second half where we again became sluggish and lethargic. Went through it myself This is a quality that comes back into our game but we came out of it and completed it well. “

Consistency is a topic Lampard has talked about at length throughout his press conference, while pointing to the gap between elite teams, Liverpool and Manchester City, and the rest of the Premier League. This is definitely a quality that stands out when comparing the previous two title winners and this current Chelsea squad.

But while we still obviously have a lot of work to do, Lampard is also delighted, where his young squad, one of the youngest in Premier League history, has won league and cup competitions as well as twelve Stand after month’s work.

“I think we can be happy where we are now. I don’t want to fire a gun because we have games that will be really important to finish. But if we said that we would participate in the third and FA Cup and Champions League. I know it’s going to be very difficult, but we met through the group stage. “

“You see the transition of the team and the youth. Many of our players were on loan last season, most of them in the championship. We can be very happy, I think there is a lot of work to do. I don’t think we should be overly excited. “

“The difference between Liverpool and Man City is clear in terms of points. We are doing one thing. there’s a lot to do. I am happy and I want more. But when we return for the start of the next season, although this season. We have to deal with this and close the gap. This is going to be a difficult task. “

Results are important at this stage of the season. It is important to get enough points to ensure a top-four finish and a safe Champions League for next season. There are no bonus points for the genre.

With two matches against Liverpool (A) and Wolves (H), Lampard is well aware that the job is not done. If Lampard wants to fulfill an unspecified contractual obligation with the Three Kits UK trio to make number three relevant in all aspects, Chelsea will need to secure at minimum four points to ensure an acceptable finish.

“I am talking about mentality but I do not like the word bottle very much. When you’re coming away at home against Liverpool away and Wolves, it’s just two really good rivals, so we’ll have to focus on those games. We got to prepare properly and show the right attitude, and I think we did tonight. Both of those games will look completely different from tonight. “

“So instead of talking about the bottle I want to talk about focus and approach, and then hopefully we have enough to get but it should be tough.”

Association. pay attention. Attitude. These are the spells Lampard wants his young team to perform – so much so that he is ready to distract his team.

Manchester United are both notable and hilarious due to their late draw with Southampton, while Lampard kept his squad focused on tonight and the match.

“I don’t really speak about them today because I think I’ve mentioned other sports around us. We all saw the game, but I don’t think I had to say that to them today. We know that you have -Pass’s team has a moment that you have to cash in again. We failed to do so this season. “

“All I wanted to do was make sure we did our job tonight. I felt tonight is about us. We were against a team that has just been replaced. With all due respect, here if we were home But when we do our work, we get three points and we did so. “

– Frank Lampard, Source: Football. London

Our attention now leads to the FA Cup semi-final against Manchester United at Wembley on this Sunday.