Lampard ‘absolutely overwhelmed’ by Havert’s initial impressions at Chelsea.

Chelsea have made the most noise in the COVID-affected transfer market, with six signings already on the line and at least one more addition to the team in the goalkeeper, looking very likely.

Of all the signs, Kai Havert was the most anticipated. It took Chelsea months of negotiations to get one of the world’s most iconic players. No, since Eden Hazard signed such a statement in 2012 by Chelsea.

Frank Lampard does an excellent job in keeping a straight face in front of a microphone on most occasions, whether joyful or serious, but his excitement is palpable as he speaks about his new signature, which is almost a must for the manager. Seems like a personal victory.

“Kai is a really exciting signing for himself and for the club and first of all. He is a player I have known for a long time and have been attacking as a fellow midfield player, for some I have Special attention is paid to those types of players.

“I knew of his talent and together with the club, we know how we want to move forward and see improvement in the right areas, and for the players who are coming here, to get better and mature. Hopefully, but already at a very high level, they fit the bill for us, so I’m happy with them. “

Goal scoring ability? Check. Playmaking capability? Check. Moves inside the box? Check. No wonder Havert compares tirelessly to Lamford, the midfielder’s biggest goal Seen in premier league (ed.note: FTFY). Lampard accepts comparisons but also reveals some minor differences in their respective skills.

“It’s very easy to make those comparisons. I know he’s hungry to score and is a killer so I’ve already talked to him, but I think we’re quite different in our style.

“Kai could probably start in more forward areas than I started. I loved coming deep as a midfield player, and Kai’s very good game has been good over the last few seasons because he broke a little bit from Leverkusen. Gone. Advanced No. 10 role, or more in a slightly wider space or a slightly longer striker kind of field. “

Havertz is often described as a player with practically limitless potential – “generational talent” – for going with a steady head and willpower to improve every day in training. Those traits would be selling points for any coach, let alone tell Lampard who himself had shown similar qualities in his playing days.

“On his personality, I’m completely overwhelmed by how humble and down to earth he is, and how well he wants to work here, and how he’s so excited about the challenge. He wants to come here and have one for Chelsea Wants to be a top player, and really proves his talent at this level.

“It’s been one of the most exciting things for me, not only to get excited about him as a top talent, but to see his mentality that he’s come in. It really would have felt great This is how his career is going. Be in Chelsea. “

One of the things Chelsea’s attacking signs have in common is versatility. Werner can play at center as well as Flax. Ziyech can occupy wide and central areas behind the striker. But Havertz one-ups both of them, as he can play as a striker, winger, and occupy even deeper positions without much deterioration in quality.

Lampard looks forward to using this versatility as a weapon, it also tries to keep expectations in check. After all, Havertz is still 21 years old, coming to a new country, and with a humble price tag. He is likely to be closely scrutinized in the most watched league in the world.

“Versatility is something we will definitely use. It’s refreshing as a manager when you have a player who can play in different positions and wants to play in different positions.

“He has great talent on the ball, his productivity is great in scoring and assisting, and physically he is great at how he can get around the pitch, and his size,” he said. We are comparing him to Michael Ballack while talking about. All those things come together but I insist that we need to give him time, but I’m really excited about what he can do. “

-Frank Lampard: Source: Chelsea FC

Sorry, Frank, but we can probably stop the over-excitement with over-excision at the prospect of starting our journey in Chelsea!

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