Lamar Jackson: We are ticked

Getty Images

When Rance quarterback Lamar Jackson said last week that opposing defenses were calling the team offensive plays, he said the team’s offensive struggles were “all right” because the team was still winning.

New England did not have a wet win Sunday night. The 23–17 loss to the Patriots marked the first time the Ravens had been held to fewer than 20 points as Jackson held their starting quarterback and Jackson shared his disappointment with the outing after the game.

“We’re closing. Nobody likes to lose,” Jackson said in his postgame press conference. “I know none of you like losing. Especially we got a lot of talent on our team. Just regrouped. Watch our film on Tuesday, our opponents, Tennessee and from there. “

Jackson said offensive coordinator Greg Roman did “a great job” by calling plays and it was up to the players to do a better job of finishing on the field. With the Titans and Steelers on deck, they have to turn around quickly to remain in playoff position in the AFC.

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