Lamar Jackson: ‘I didn’t pull a Paul Pierce’ on missing fourth quarter with cramps

Lamar Jackson briefly dropped out of Monday night’s game against the Browns after suffering a cramp. Trace McSorley was led by the Ravens by six points to replace Jackson, who went for 124 yards and two touchdowns before leaving the game in the fourth quarter. The Ravens trailed quickly without Jackson, however, Brown’s quarterback Baker Mayfield gave Brown the lead on a five-yard run with 6:33 left.

After nearly two full benches, Jackson returned to the game with two minutes left when McSley left the field with a knee injury. Facing a fourth-and-four on the Browns’ 44-yard-line, Jackson raced to his right before hitting a wide-open Marquise Brown for a further score. JK Dobins, who scored a touchdown in the first half, converted to Baltimore’s ensuing double digits, trying to give Baltimore a 42-35 lead with 1:51 left.

“I didn’t pull a Paul Pierce” Jackson said, Who prepared for the former NBA star’s bizarre exit during the 2008 NBA Finals. “I was having cramps.”

Jackson, who threw for 163 yards during the 124-yard run, completed four passes for 38 yards on his final possession of the game. Jackson gave up Justin Tucker’s 55-yard field goal with two seconds left, as the Rens left Cleveland with a 47–42 victory.

“I was having cramps,” Jackson told Lisa Salters of ESPN after the game. “I had to get some IVs for the cold, and we came back with a win. I was trying to come back. I was pulling. I saw what was going on. They were coming back.”

Jackson was back on the sidelines after the Ravens took possession in the first quarter, when the Rains got the ball back with 6:29 remaining and trailed by one point. Jackson, who did not re-enter McSley until his eighth play of the drive on injury, said he was about to return to the game regardless of the injury.

“I still wasn’t coming in any case,” said Jackson, who came back into the game with his upper cell covering. “It’s win or we have to go home. We’ve got victory.”

With this win, the 8-5 Ravens remain firmly in the AFC playoff picture. They are currently in a two-way battle with the 8-5 Dolphins for the AFC’s seventh and final playoff spot.

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