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Lakers trying to reduce turnovers

This is what has happened to the Lakers and their rotation problems: they are now doing simulations that are so basic that they remind some players of their practices in high school.

And they still can not solve it.

"If I had the magic wand it would be the only thing that would fix that would give us the best chance of getting a win," said Lakers coach Luke Walton .

The Lakers committed 21 turnovers on Sunday against the Houston Rockets after committing Saturday 21 against the Denver Nuggets. They have averaged 17.5 balls lost per game according to NBA.com, the most in the NBA. During their losing streak of five games, the Lakers have averaged 1

8.4 turnovers.

High school recall exercises preceded the extra race as punishment for turnovers. On Tuesday that meant that the units that committed the most losses in the practice of the Lakers had to run suicide races for every move they made.

"We only had one rotation, so we only did one," Lonzo Ball said of his group in the practice match.

Some turnovers bother Walton more than others. There are some he knows that come with the style of play that the Lakers encourage

"The careless, those are the ones we have to fix," said Walton. "Those who are trying to do the right thing and are trying to accelerate the pace and make their teammates pass more, those are the ones we are still willing to live for now." But they are the careless ones, they "trap them in the upper part of the floor and take three steps before haggling the turnovers" of which we have to try to get rid of. The turnovers in the transition that we have to get rid of. "

said rookie Kyle Kuzma :" Sometimes we force a lot and sometimes we also try to make the right game and we just flipped it over. "

Lonzo mend

Ball practiced on Tuesday after the Lakers took Monday off, and his calves feel better.

" They're getting there, "Ball said. , but we're still working on it. "

Ball's left calf was tight before the Lakers played the uggets on Saturday. He played with a sleeve in his lower left leg. Then, during the course of the game, Ball & # 39; s right The calf grew strong. He walked limping after the game, but that did not stop him from playing Sunday against the Rockets.

Although Ball w could not attribute his poor shooting performance to tension – he lost all four of his shots, including three from the three-point range – he said he felt his legs as if there were stones in them during Sunday's game. Walton said that Ball did not have the same bounce in his step that he normally has.

"I do not think I've had too much to do with that," Ball said. "He just came out and had a bad game." Take it off and come back next time. "

Back on the road

The Lakers are about to embark on their second multi-game trip of the season, not including a road game against Tijeras, which will take them to Philadelphia , Charlotte, New York and Cleveland.

"I like road trips; This is a big one, "Kuzma said." Fortunately we can get a couple of victories against some really good teams and win again. "… It's hard to win on the road, you know … at the end of the day it's hard to win On the way, we just have to get out and be ready and just be locked in from the jump. "

Walton has warned his team about the difficulties that lie ahead. Kuzma will take the lessons from the Lakers' last trip to this one.

"It will be a little easier," he said. "You know you should wait on the road, to recover, and the pace of road trips"


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