Lakers trade rumors: LA will ‘love’ to trade for Bradley Beal

The Los Angeles Lakers have been linked with Wizards all-star Bradley Beal all the way back in 2018, when it was reported that it would be a difficult time for him to trade Brandon Ingram. After that season was over, there were rumors that Beal was a backup target if the team could not field Anthony Davis, and before the NBA bubble last season, there was discussion that the Lakers would be traded in a trade deal for Beal Was interested

We all know what happened next. The Lakers proved that they did not need the Big Three to win a title, and LeBron James and Anthony Davis were good enough as well as an excellent supporting cast. They then went out and adapted themselves to this offshed while upgrading their roster, making in-season trades difficult.

Still, we point out all this as Biel is in the headlines again for linking with the Lakers, so even though a deal would be difficult and highly unlikely, his previous interest is still noticeable. Because if General Manager Rob Pelinka has shown anything in his time in this job compared to last year, it is that he is good for contingency plans, so we can never rule the Lakers out of anything.

The latest discussion comes from Adrian Wojnarowski’s somewhat derogatory comment as he discussed Beal’s position on ESPN’s “The Jump”, but given that Woz is plugged in as coming, here is his certainty right now Also worth noting (mine)

He said, “There is no team in the league that will not find a way to add Bradley Beal … I think for teams like Golden State or Denver, teams that have assets that are contenders even when they are healthy.” . Suppose if you’re a Golden State, you’ve got a Minnesota draft pick, if you’re Denver, you’ve got a great young player in Michael Porter Jr., you’ve got an All-Star in Jamal Murray in the backcourt. . Now I am not saying they are going to do that, but you look at those teams and say ‘they have enough to negotiate.’

“And it will be the teams’ decision for the league. Of course the Lakers and Clippers would love to be able to join, But do they have a draft? Do they have young players who will step up the package of some other teams? Probably not.

“And so you’re going to see a frenzy if and when Bradley Beal gets on the market, and he’ll have a say in where he goes because of this contract situation. As long as a team is ready to do just one trade Is and hopes to convince him to stay longer and have him contracted next season, but it’s too risky for someone you can pick up in the first round multiple times and probably your best young player (K Li). I think they are all considering for the team, but boy, I don’t think there will be many people who are not going to call and sit and churn ‘Are we getting Bradley Beal Can it become available? ‘ ‘

You can watch the entire exchange starting around 3:30 below:

However, real and serious you think the Lakers’ interest was based on that – it seems to me that Woj was mostly just accepting the fact that every team would like to trade for Beal, who is very good at basketball – I think we can all agree that it certainly doesn’t sound like nothing is imminent. Beal has yet to be asked, and is under contract through 2022 with a $ 36 million player option for the 2022–23 season.

Still, given how frustrating the Wizards situation is and how the NBA works, it would be a real shock if Beal is not dealt with at some point (and it would be hard to blame him, to be honest. Even That our wizard too. The sister site, Bullets Forever, gets it).

If he does, do the Lakers have the assets to get him on the run? It’s hard to believe they can convince the other teams until Beal pulls out an ad and only scares other suitors to go to L.A.

Nevertheless, because of the hard cap, bargaining work is almost impossible under a collective bargaining agreement. I tried for 10 minutes on the ESPN trade machine, and Pelinka and the Lakers certainly planned better than this, it obviously wouldn’t be easy.

It will be potentially easy after the season, but it’s still hard to see how many first-round Lakers are still tied in the Davis trade.

Image via Real GM

So basically, as much fun as BL enjoys trolling other NBA fans, a #FutureLaker – and it’s funny – It will be very difficult to be so. Which is fine, because the Lakers title is a favorite. Not a ton of teams trying to get into the seemingly inevitable Beal sweepstakes can say the same.

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