Lake effect snow increases today, west Michigan has accumulations


The snow pattern of the lake effect will be extended in coverage from Wednesday afternoon to Thursday. The direction of the wind will also change, bringing the lake effect snow to different areas.

Above is the total snowfall expected from the morning of Wednesday, December 6 through Thursday, December 7. The cumulative effect of the lake today will occur in areas with a southwest wind. Boyne City, Vanderbilt and Wolverine will get 2 "to 4" of snow today.

During the night, the wind will change to blow from the northwest. This will displace snow from the lake effect further south in northern Michigan and develop lake effect in the southwest corner of Lower Michigan.

Of course, a large area of ​​the upper peninsula will have snow with heavy lake effect.

Winter storm warnings in pink areas give you a good sense of where the heaviest snow will fall.

The radar forecast for the 6 p. m. tonight it shows the lake effect area still limited to a section of the Lower Northwest and much of the U.P. snow belts

Radar forecast for 6 p.m. Wednesday, December 6, 2017.

As the wind changes to blow from the northwest at noon on Thursday, a lake effect will develop in southwestern Lower Michigan.

Radar forecast at noon on Thursday, December 7, 2017.

Below is the total amount of snow expected for southwestern Michigan until Thursday.

Total snow forecast until Thursday, December 7, 2017. [19659008]

The Grand Rapids area could see a total snow from 1 "to 2" until Thursday night. Of course, the heaviest amount would be southwest of Grand Rapids. The heaviest snow in the Lower Southwest should fall in Holland, Saugatuck and Allegan, with 3 "to 6" on Friday morning. Kalamazoo will be on the edge of the snow from 3 "to 6".

Lake effect conditions do not end on Friday. We are in a pattern where cold winds from northwest to west will generally dominate our climate in Michigan. The effect of the lake will last until next week. The lake effect will only stop when several systems of weak storms arrive through Michigan. At that time, everyone gets into the accumulated snow.

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