LA Mayor condemns protesters, kills ‘police to death’ outside hospital

Fox News reports that the video showed protesters blocking the entrance to a hospital and shouting “Death to the police”, saying “I hope they die f — ing,” and “kill the police.” . ”

Reacting to the incident, “Meet the Press” of the NGO NBC said, “There is no place in civilized society for anyone to pull out and shoot our law enforcers.” “And I never will.” Give a couple voices, which are not only unheard of for him, but it’s also disgusting to say that when we have two depots, which are sheriff’s depots, are in critical condition. ”

The Los Angeles County Sheriff Department said two depots were shot in the city of Compton on Saturday. The department said that a male deputy and a female deputy were “ambushed” in a patrol vehicle.

According to the department, both duty “sustained multiple gunshot wounds and are in critical condition.”

Democratic and Republican lawmakers have condemned the shooting.

“The acts of anarchy and violence directed against police officers are unacceptable, disrespectful, and completely retaliatory for the pursuit of greater peace and justice in America – as are the actions on them that appease such attacks.” People put an end to these crimes, they should be brought to justice, and if found guilty, the full brunt of the law will have to be suffered, ”said Matadin.