LA Lakers crush Miami Heat in NBA Finals behind Anthony Davis’ 34 NBA Finals

LeBron James eventually got an easy Game 1 in the NBA Finals.

A very easy one at that.

Anthony Davis scored 34 points, James scored 25 points, 13 rebounds and nine assists and the Los Angeles Lakers trailed the Miami Heat 116–98 on Wednesday night.

Lakers coach Frank Vogel said of Davis, “As big as the moment is, he’s just stepping up his game, he was entering his finals and it looked easy.”

The Heat beaten and battered. Point guard Goran Dracik left in the second quarter and, with information about the situation, said that a torn plantar fascia was diagnosed in his left leg, clearly threatening his availability for the rest of the finals. Puts into And All-Star center Bam Adebayo apparently left in the third quarter after increasing a left shoulder strain.

“We’re a lot better than the performance we showed tonight,” Heat coach Eric Spoelstra said. “You have to give credit to the Lakers, and we’ll work for the next one.”

Game 2 is Friday night.

Kentavius ​​Caldwell-Pope scored 13 points, Danny Green finished 11 and Alex Caruso finished 10 for the Lakers. He returned to the finals for the first time in a decade and sent a very clear message. James’ teams went 1–1 to the game final, with defeats in each of the last seven openers.

Not this

“We raised it on either end of the floor,” Davis said.

Jimmy Butler battled through a left left ankle to score 23 points for Miami. Kendrick Noon scored 18 for the Heat, Tyler Herrow scored 14 and Jay Crowder scored 12 points.

“, And we, are here for that,” Butler said of Dragic. “We know how much he wants to win, how much he wants to go to war and war with us. And obviously, we love him and we want him to be there with us. But whatever the docs tell him to do, he gets to do it. … He got to take care of himself first. “

Adebayo was held to eight points in 21 minutes, and Miami went with the sub for a fourth-quarter burst, making the overall margin somewhat more palatable in terms of the final margin.

The Lakers did what they wanted. He trailed Miami 54–36, led by as many as 32 points, and made 15 three-pointers a huge number for a team that did not necessarily accumulate multiple points beyond the arc. Trusts They are 21–3 this season when making at least 14 trios.

The only stretch that provided hope for Miami came in the first six minutes. The Heat scored in six consecutive rounds, taking a 13–0 lead to take a 23–10 lead in the opening round.

So, the first six minutes were fine for Miami.

Everyone else was the Lakers.

“You have to realize how tough Miami is,” James said. “They punched us in the mouth and we realized it,” he said. … From the time it was 23-10, we started playing to the best of our abilities. “

The simplest way to compare what happened to the remaining half is: Lakers 55, Heat 25. The Lakers came into the game with 1 of 22 teams ranked 21st, spending time in a bubble from three-point range, with only 33.6% of their attempts from deep at Disney. They were the only team in the postseason with two games shooting less than 25%.

Perhaps they were the reason. The Lakers finished 9th-11th in the final 16 minutes of the first half. Of the nine Lakers playing in the first two quarters, eight attempted a three-pointer and all eight made at least one.

He closed the first quarter at 19-3. Heero led Miami from 43–41 at three from a sharp angle, with 7:33 remaining in the half and then the Lakers took the lead again, this time on a score of 24–5 with a 65– break. 48 lead to go into.

The Lakers started the third run, it was an 18-3, and it was officially underway.

“You can learn more than you can win in a defeat,” James said. “We can’t wait tomorrow for a way to get back together and watch the film and see better.”

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