LA County suspends limits on cremation due to COVID

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Los Angeles County officials have temporarily removed the environmental limits of the crematorium allowed to accommodate the increasing backlog of deaths due to COVID-19.

The permit for the crematorium has limits on the number of human remains that can be cremated each month, the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) said in a press release on Sunday. But as a result of coronovirus, the area has double the current mortality rate that preceded the epidemic, resulting in a large backlog of corpses in hospitals, funeral homes and crematoriums.

Following requests from the county coroner and the Department of Health, AQMD issued an order that suspends the cremation grounds.

As of Jan. 15, more than 2,700 bodies are being stored in hospitals and the coroner’s office, according to the order, and the county’s 28 crematoriums have more cremation resources without regulatory limitations.

The latest surge of viruses has been devastating in the Los Angeles area. Service dateAccording to LA Public Health, more than 1 million have been diagnosed with COVID-19, and approximately 14,000 people have died.

Earlier this month in Los Angeles, hospitals were running dangerously low on oxygen and other supplies, with some seriously ill patients having to wait up to eight hours in ambulances before coming to the emergency room.

The cremation order is for 10 days, but it can be extended, according to this order, the coroner “anticipates that the New Year holiday is resulting in another boom, as the deaths are from 4-6 weeks.” Occur after
Capacity of the impedance management system, including hospitals, funeral homes, crematoriums and coroner’s offices, is being utilized. “

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