LA County set more records as coronovirus death, cases continue to grow

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In LA and around the country, we are facing a heterogeneous epidemic, emphasizing racial inequality, and a smog of mixed signs of how to safely exist in a world that has changed drastically. Thousands of readers have sent us questions and it is clear that people need help navigating all the changes. Keeping this in mind, we are starting a new series,How (new) l.a.

Based on our “How bring“Handbook of Practical Guide to Living in Los Angeles, these stories guide Angelino through the many new rules existing in this city. We are committed to keeping them up-to-date, no small matter as they often The days change. The guiding topics cover how to be your own famous LA chef without leaving your kitchen, how to vote in the upcoming election under the guidelines of the upcoming social election, and the health of yourself or your family How to explore and experience the city you love, without risking it.

We are making out about a dozen of these stories today, and will continue to do so for the next week and the future. We’re here to help.

Keep reading to learn more about what’s happening in LA today, And be safe there.

Jessica P. Ogilvy

Coming today, july 29

As a human being in society, how should I evaluate the potential dangers while entangling with the world? As our share How to new la chain, Lisa Brenner Not very confident answers from officials and leaders weigh on: Use the world at your own risk. Plus: What can i do, Where can I go, and what is my permission to reach there?

Aamid asked to call the police, and pushed vigorously Consider the response to the mental health crisis call. But what would it look like in Los Angeles? Robert Garova Examines programs in other cities such as Eugene, or, to see what kind of training and funding will be required for such an undertaking.

When Mayor Garcetti released LA’s Green New Deal last year, he made it clear Trees have an important role in protecting LA from rapidly rising temperatures Deciding that 90,000 trees need to be planted before the end of next year. Jacob Margolis Checked in with City Forest Officer Rachel Malrich to see how it was going.

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Last 24 hours in LA

Arts and Entertainment: Netflix nabs 160 amy nominationNominees calls John Horn “a little more diverse” than most episodes in the last 6 years, Hollywood, the sequel, Director Leslie Linka Glitter (Homeland) Tells his colleagues to give a firm commitment Rent outside their comfort zone, To maintain and improve racial and gender equity.

California vs. Trump: Taking over the state of California with the cities of LA, Long Beach, Oakland and LAUSD Legal action against Trump administration To try to exclude unauthorized migrants from census numbers used for seats in Congress.

Health: A California auditor reports LA County Need to do more To ensure that people with severe mental illness receive continuous care. Some experts are lowering expectations Swarm Immunity May Finally Stop The spread of coronavirus.

LA LAW: Sheriff Villanueva’s recent jab at Supervisor Hilda Solis, who has been cited as “La Malinche” for her efforts to remodel the L.A. County budget, especially the latest examples of her loose-fitting behavior on social media Huh. The head of the LAPD’s new Community Safety Partnership Bureau says he welcomes concerns from activists who oppose the effort … even those who say the police should be maligned instead.

photo of the Day

Medical grade PPE boxes were given free to small medical practices in Southern California. Boxes were distributed at the Rose Bowl parking lot.

(Photo by Robin Beck / AFP via Getty Image)

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