LA County COVID-19 Cases Incomplete Reporting Data – Deadline

Los Angeles County reported a total of 2,708 confirmed confirmed cases of COVID-19 numbers on Tuesday, with the county’s Department of Public Health announcing 51 new deaths from the virus. The report said that it expects to receive a backlog of cases in the coming days due to reporting delays, with three hospitals not reporting data today.

With the new cases, there have been a total of 178,642 positive COVID-19 cases and 4,426 deaths in the county. As of Tuesday, there are 2,051 current coronavirus-related hospitals, with 18% on ventilators. The total hospitalizations are below the all-time high of 2,232 hospitalized patients on July 20, but above 2,017 on Monday.

Friday’s COVID-19 numbers outpaced one of Friday’s 1,949 confirmed cases, a number Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti called “optimistic signs that reflect our resilience.” 2,039 new infections were reported on Monday.

Los Angeles County Health Director said that officers who made mistakes on coronovirus say: ‘I agree for the first time … how wrong we are’

The new numbers also came a day after the California government. Gavin Newsom identified neighboring Imperial County as the new COVD-19 hot spot. On Monday, Newsom shared that the Central Valley is a new major area of ​​concern, announcing a $ 52 million investment to increase testing, tracing and healthcare support in the region.

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