LA County Coronavirus Hospital Continues to Fall

Los Angeles County public health officials reported 2,645 new cases of coronavirus and 51 related deaths on Saturday but said the hospital continued to decline.

Officials said the latest number of cases does not include a pending backlog of lab reports the county is expecting to send to the state through its electronic reporting system within the next few days. It is unclear how fast this will change the entire picture of the virus.

Still, officials said, the death and hospitalization figures were not affected by the reporting glitch, which has falsified the new case numbers.

On Friday, COVID-19 cases were confirmed in county hospitals; 2,000 topped July numbers. According to the LA Times Coronavirus Tracker, the recent three-day average represented a 5.2% drop in hospitals.

LA County now has 206,778 cases and 4,967 deaths.

County Health Director Barbara Ferrer said in a statement, “To a large extent since July, we are hopeful about what our numbers are showing in the first week of August, especially daily hospitalization information.”

“As we look to the future and plan our recovery, lessons from our recent past serve as a reminder that we need to continue our vigil in the face of this new and dangerous virus.”

Ferrer said this would require several more weeks of activities to be stopped, parties to be avoided, and in crowded conditions, covering the face in public and keeping it six feet away from others.

Orange County reported a similar decline in hospitals, with a total of 491 confirmed COVID-19 patients and an average of three days representing a 5.1% decline. There were 322 and 16 deaths on Saturday in the county, with a total of 39,076 cases and 720 deaths.

There have been 554,389 cases in California and 10,307 deaths in the state.

Officials warn that the number of cases reported by individual counties may be artificially lowered due to glitches in the California Reportable Disease Information Exchange electronic database.

California Health and Human Services Director Drs. Mark Gali said on Friday that between 250,000 and 300,000 results have not been uploaded to the database. It is unclear if the lost test results are scattered across the state or contained in a small number of counties.

Contact has affected L.A. County’s efforts at tracing, and officials renewed their petition Saturday for any resident who positive to call 1-833-540-0473 to speak to a public health expert Have tested.

Times staff writer Taryn Luna contributed to this report.