LA Clippers coach Doctor River says there is no secret to the team’s downfall in Games 5 and 6

Doctor Rivers went over the rubble with the fall of the LA Clippers Game 6 and saw some story-telling signs.

In blowing up two big leads in their last two losses to allow the Denver Nuggets to surprisingly force a Game 7, the Clippers stopped playing with speed and purpose, allowing them to play 16–5 in Games 5 and 6– Point and helped build a 19-point lead.

And in Game 6, Rimes saw a game turn in the third quarter, when Jamal Murray barely went ahead with a foul and Paul George hit a 3 that left the Clippers 68–49 with 10:10 remaining in the quarter.

“Like Powers there is no secret that something has happened,” Rivers said of the Clippers on Monday after two blown leads in a row. “Two things we didn’t do, obviously defensively, they shot about 60% in the second half. The one thing that stood out was they went to the free throw line like every game.”

“I think since the time when Murray went down with that injury,” the Riggers added 19 to lead the Nuggets while shooting 12 of 12 free throws in the third. “I think it’s human nature. You see a guy go down. There’s no call on the play, and then the next thing you know you’re on the free throw line. And give Denver credit because they understand. Went and they started getting aggressive. “

Overall, both teams shot the same number of free throws (27) in Game 6, but Rivers says the Nuggets ‘aggression paid off in the second half as Denver went to the Clippers’ line 19 times in the second half. .

As the Clippers enter their biggest game of the season trying to advance to their first Western Conference Finals, Rivers says it is imperative that George and his guards stay out of dishonesty.

George has not fewer than four fouls in the last three games, with five foul appeals in games 4 and 5. Patrick Beverley also fouled in 18 minutes in Game 6, putting pressure on Reverse’s defensive rotation.

“PG dishonesty can’t get you in trouble,” Rivers said in Game 7. of needing his star guard. I think he has been foul-mouthed in at least two, maybe three games, and many times he does not guard a single of you. key people. We’ve got to put him on the floor.

“The foul trouble by our guards, they have been very hurt in this series, not just in the last two matches. We have gotten our guards to put us on the floor, because if we don’t, we have to go. To lineup defensively that are not desirable. ”

While the flexible Nuggets have momentum and will play 7 games in their fourth game dating back to the previous postsman, the Clippers mostly rely on Game 7 experience from both River and Qui Leonard.

Rivers are no strangers in Game 7s. He is only second in the 6-7 game with his win over 6-7, according to eight of the Red AURBABs, ESPN Stats and Information Research.

“Rah-rah’s speeches abound,” Rivers said of what he would tell his team before Game 7.. “They lasted for about three minutes … there’s nothing like secret speech. It’s for movies.”

“Nothing is secret or magical,” Rivers said. “It’s about playing basketball, manning up, moving the ball, doing all the things we can.”

And Qatar will rule Leonard, the reigning Finals MVP who are 2-2 in Game 7s.

Leonard said in his message to his team about playing in the Game 7s on Sunday, “Just leave it on the floor and make sure we are paying attention to detail and execution and communication at the defensive end.” “And all we can do is go out there and work hard and just make sure we know the game plan.”

Leonard finished Philadelphia last year with his memorable buzzer-beating corner shot in Game 7 of East Semus for the Toronto Raptors.

“He’s unstable,” Rivers said of Leonard. “Somewhere, you cannot guarantee whether he will play well or not because he is human and all players are.

“But you know, that moment won’t be too big. It’s kind of a matter with him, that’s all you know. So that’s easy to know.”


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