Kylie Jenner gives Stormy a Hermes bag of $ 12,000 for the first day of school

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“Stormy’s backpack can probably help me pay off some debts.”

This is Kylie Jenner – reality star, makeup mogul, and depending on who you ask, maybe or not a billionaire.

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And this is Kylie’s 2-year-old daughter, whom she shared with Travis Scott, Stormy:

Well, today was Stormy’s first day of school (home school, ie since there is an epidemic and all).

And, as many children go to school early in the morning, Stormy poses with a picture of himself wearing his backpack, ready for the first day of classes.

@kyliejenner / via instagram

but Different Many children who went to school early in the morning, Stormy’s backpack was a Hermes Kelly Addo bag $ of $ 12,000.

@kyliejenner / via instagram

Kylie shared a snapshot of the bag on her Instagram Story this morning. And suffice it to say, people had a lot of ideas:

I know that Kylie did not send Stormy in a fucking Birkin backpack.

On the one hand, Stormy is a very lucky child…

Stormy on his way to school with his Hermes backpack. He’ll never know about jansport

On the other hand … that’s literally 2 !!!

Some people questioned whether there were better ways to spend $ 12 grand than a kid buying a designer bag?

While others were jealous of the child’s open heart:

Hey @KylieJenner you can buy me a Hermes bag like you did for the stormy OK

And, of course, some people joked about the whole situation:

First day of home school with Hermes bags going stormy !!! She is either extremely glamorous or wanted a trolls backpack.

So, what do you think Kylie sent Stormy with that bag on her first day of school. Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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