Kyle Sheenahan: Jimmy Garapolo to play better

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The 49ers saw their chance of winning Super Bowl LIV in smoke in the fourth quarter as the Chief Offense caught fire while they reached their own finish line.

Sunday’s game against the Cardinals was not a carbon copy of what happened in Miami, but it was an uncomfortable reminder of that loss. The Cardinals rallied for two touchdowns in the final 15 minutes of the 24–20 victory, leaving the defending NFC Champs with a 0–1 record.

Quarterback Jimmy Garapolo came under fire after the Super Bowl and went 19-33 for 259 yards during Sunday’s loss, including a pair of incompletions that ended his final offensive possession. He only converted two of 11 in his third downgrade opportunities and head coach Kyle Sheenahan said that after the game the quarterback topped the list of players who had to do better in the coming weeks.

“He had some good plays, but like the entire offense, just missed a lot of opportunities that were going to happen to win that game,” said Shanahan. “We were a couple there. He has to play better. We all have to play better especially on offense. It starts with me. ”

Wide receivers Debo Samuel and Brandon Ayuk did not play and Richie James departed during the proceedings. Tait and George Kaitel also made a bang, but the 49ers needed more from their offense regardless of the circumstances.