Kyle Sheenahan has lukewarm praise for 49ers QB Jimmy Garrappolo

And you guys think I’m tough on Jimmy Garpolo.

A reporter asked head coach Kyle Sheenahan on Monday if he felt Garapolo had improved his decision. The question came a day after 49-year-old defensive coordinator Robert Saleh praised Garapolo for making the decision early this year compared to last year.

I assumed that Shehnaah would echo Saleh’s statements.

He was not.

Shanahan was more measured than Saleh with his appreciation of Garoholo. Shanahan explained, “The more you are in the system, the more you go to the rescue, the more things become second nature.” “So you expect (from Gerappolo). You expect it from him. You expect a lot of people who are going through the camp and against the same players and have been doing coverage here for a few years.

“I think our whole team is very quick to go against each other. We have enough. We’re ready for that. So the sooner we can go against some other guys, we’ll see how it was put out. is. “

Yes, Kyle. Tell us how you really feel.

Shehnaah essentially disagreed with Saleh. The implied Saleh was overtaking himself. It is suggested that it is too early to say that Garapolo has improved his decision making, as he has not faced defenses other than all his offers. The real test will come against the Cardinals next Sunday.

The reason reporters asked him and Saleh about Geroppolo before, was that Garoppolo threw five touchdown passes in the Red Zone on Sunday. Di, four touchdown passes were against the second-string defense. But still, five is a large number and reporters have written about Garoppolo’s practice performance.

Here’s what Shanahan said about it: “I thought Jimmy played very well; I also thought she looked better, which helps, it makes her work less hard. “

Translation: Sheenahan gave open receipts to Garoppolo and expected Garoppolo to be his hit. Sounds like Shannan admired himself more than he praised his quarterback.

Sheenahan clearly understands that he can win over Garapolo. But Shanahan also has high standards. So until Gerappolo proves that he is a great decision maker and an elite quarterback, Shanahan will be stingy with his praise.

Remember that when I write or say something about Gerappolo that makes you hoot and holler.

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