Kyle Sheenahan explains how air quality can affect the 49ers home opener

Despite deteriorating air quality in Santa Clara, 49 people had no plans on Friday morning to change their exercise schedule.

The air quality index at Santa Clara at 19 in the morning was pegged at 194 due to the fire in northern and central California. The 49ers are scheduled to practice at 12:30 p.m.

The 49ers are scheduled to open the regular season on Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals at Lewis Stadium.

The threshold of canceling practices or postponing NFL games has an air quality rating in excess of 200. The NFL office, which bases its decisions on more accurate air quality readings near stadiums, makes the final decision on how to proceed to the games.

The 49ers and NFL have been in communication about the conditions for Sunday’s game, NBC Sports reported about the Bay Area.

Typically, the discussion of postponing a game or advancing a game occurs one day before the game if the most up-to-date forecasts would have predicted more than 200 AQI readings for more than one extended period during the game’s three-hour window. Huh.

On Friday, 49ers coach Kyle Sheenahan was asked during his appearance on KNBR whether air quality has an impact on the team’s ability to get out and play football.

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Shanahan said, “Once it reaches 200,” it is said, because you are not allowed to go out after this.

“If it becomes 200 it would be a big deal. I know that when it is above 150 it affects a certain group of people who are at high risk, pre-existing conditions, if it goes above 150 you can lose some players, but 200 is the mark where you cannot go out there. ”