Kyle Shanahan reveals that the 49ers’ last drive vs. the Cardinal went wrong

There were a number of plays that Jimmy Garrapolo wanted to return to the Arizona Cardinals from the 49ers 24-20 on Sunday, but the two stood out the most. With 1:21 left in the game, the 49ers finished first at the Cardinals’ 21-yard line. Gerappolo swung the shotgun and swept the ball from the corner of the final area to Kenden Bourne.

But the ball was thrown with a bit of air under it, with the Cardinals failing to reach Bourne before cornerback Patrick Peterson. Coach Kyle Shanahan knows that incompleteness was expensive, but sees a lesson from a lost opportunity. “They were not perfect passes,” Shanahan said on Monday. “[Bourne] It was received by him, you guys all saw it. Would have been nice if Bourne had gone up for this. I think he would have found it [pass interference]. It is something he will learn from. ”

When the fourth came down, Garoppolo targeted receiver Trent Taylor. Gargoppolo again fired from the shotgun, but his pass was missed by Taylor, who was just past the sticks.

The 49ers put the ball on the ascent and the Cardinals ran the remaining 33 seconds of the game. “One for Trent, his timing was a bit far on it,” Shanahan said. He said, “He took a little extra step to the top and Jimmy hesitated a little bit and tried to recover with his hand and leave it a little behind. Just got better there.”

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Sharohan did not throw his quarterback under the bus a day later when Garrappolo completed 19 of 33 passes for 259 yards and two touchscreens. But the coach admitted that both incomplete passes could have been better throws. Shanahan said, “You throw a ball and it doesn’t make it right, so the receiver has to go up and make a play and they didn’t do it.” “There is not much of it. He applied it to their two hair. Friends still had opportunities, but it would have been a really good game if it had been made. “Garoppolo and his receivers will work on their timing later in the week as they prepare for back-to-back games in New Jersey against New Jersey and the Giants respectively. The 49ers are expected to bring back Brandon Ayuk to hit a group of wide receivers scoring four of his 11 goals for 41 yards on Sunday.