Kyle Shanahan: 49-Cardinals, shock to Debo Samuel, Brandon Ayuk and Richie James sprained George Kabet’s knee during injury updates.

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San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan spoke to reporters on Monday with the team, following the team’s 24–20 season opening loss to the Arizona Cardinals. He provided some injury updates during the zoom call.Fans are probably eagerly awaiting an update on George Kightle, and Shanahan provided.

All-Pro Tight End suffered a knee sprain during the first half against the Cardinals. He left for the locker room just before the investigation. Kightley returned with his teammates in the second half and played for the rest of the game.

Shanahan told reporters, “He has a sprain in his knee. We’ll see how he comes on Wednesday.” “He was a bit distressed today, but we will wait to see how he is on Wednesday to see if he is able to practice this week or maybe. We know there will be some question.”

An optimistic Kittle provided his update to Mike Silver of the NFL Network.

“Good to go,” Kite texted Silver. “On New York!”

Obviously, the 49ers have to be more vigilant.
Shanahan provided an update on second-year wide receiver Debo Samuel, who the 49ers placed on short-term injured reserve on Saturday. That means at least the next two games after Sunday’s opener was missing.Shanahan was asked if Samuel had suffered a setback last week. Ultimately, the coach was optimistic that the receiver would be available for Sunday’s game.

“Yeah, we didn’t think it was a shock because he was just real sore after walking one day,” Shanahan said. “But the agony never got better. It only got worse after a specific day.

“Usually, after one day, when it was sore, we thought it was just because he worked it hard. But when it got worse every day and didn’t get better, we knew it ended. It’s a little shock. Put him on IR.

Shanahan said there are still plans to bring Samuel back for the team’s October 4 matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Shanahan also provided updates on two other receivers – Richie James and rookie Brandon Ayuk. Ayuk was deactivated after attempting to return from a hamstring injury sustained during training camp on Sunday. James suffered a hamstring injury against the Cardinals and did not return to the game.

“We’ve got to see how she feels on Wednesday, but I’m definitely worried (about the wide receiver number),” Shanahan said. “I’m still hoping to possibly get back this week. I’d be surprised if we don’t, which helps. But Richie, I don’t know yet. It’s going to be a fluid situation all week, like It was. Last week. ”

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        San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Sheenahan spoke to reporters after Friday's practice as his team prepares for their Week 1 matchup against the Arizona Cardinals.  Here is everything he had to say.  Copy provided by San Francisco 49ers Communications Staff.  Can you give us any information about WR Deebo Samuel's health?  "Yes, injuries for today: [WR Brandon] Ayuk's question, [G Ben] Mala is suspicious, Debo will be out and [CB Jason] Outside the Verte. [RB Tevin] Coleman missed today.  It was not related to the injury.  "Regarding Debo, he was not only placed in injured reserve so that you could practice for the next few weeks before making his debut in the fourth of the week?"  because we     

The San Francisco 49ers are preparing for their Week 1 competition against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday at Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, California. Wide receiver Brandon Ayuk was the latest notable 49ers player to return to the practice field. However, he was limited. The miscreants have been sidelined since suffering a hamstring injury on 23 August. Rookie Brandon Ayuk saw himself as normal / in part of a practice open to reporters. He did not seem constrained by his recent hamstring strain. Still hard

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