Kyle Rittenhouse: Prosecutors seek to modify bond agreement, as they say they displayed racist signs

The office is requesting that Rittenhouse be prohibited from possessing or consuming liquor or from being in any establishment that owns it; Any “white power” or “white supremacy” gestures, symbols, or hand gestures may be prohibited from performing in public; And have no contact with any known militia members or members of any violent white power / white supremacist groups in which the group has been identified as “Proud Boys”.

The 17-year-old is out on $ 2 million bail after being arrested in connection with a fatal shooting in Kenosha. Rattenhouse alleges that Jacob Blake was killed in police firing in the city of Wisconsin amid protests, and officials alleged that he opened fire on the protesters.
Rittenhouse was arraigned on January 5 on two felony charges of sentencing in the case of the death of two men and charged with an attempted murder in the wounding of another man.

According to prosecutors, Retrenthouse was seen in a local bar 90 minutes after the insult with his mother, and his presence and behavior were confirmed by surveillance video.

Rittenhouse was seen with other individuals flashing the “OK” sign, co-opted by known white supremacist groups as a sign of ‘white power’, and “served beer directly by the bartender,” the motion said . .

Kenosha shooting suspect Kyle Ritenhouse ordered trial

The document also states that Rittenhouse turned 18 this month and lives in Illinois. “Under Illinois law, it is a Class A misdemeanor for anyone under 21 to possess or consume alcohol in a public place,” the motion states.

However, in Wisconsin, it is legal for someone under 21 to consume alcohol and alcohol if any parents are present.

Prosecutors are also asking the court to “prevent defendants from publicly displaying symbols and gestures associated with violent white supremacist groups and with familiar members of those groups, particularly the Proud Boys” – as They believe that this may be possible. Witness fear.

Rittenhouse pleaded not guilty to the charges for which he was disarmed.

CNN has reached out to Rittenhouse’s attorney for comment.

Rittenhouse’s lawyers maintain that Rittenhouse was acting in self-defense when the fire opened.

At a hearing last month, Rittenhouse’s attorney Mark Richards accused prosecutors of presenting a “unilateral, stalled scene” of the events of that night.

Richards offered screenshots of the surveillance video in which he stated that his client acted in self-defense, while the gun-wielding guards gave chase. In another image, Rittenhouse appeared to be hitting a skateboard while on the ground.

Anthony M. Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum were killed in the incident, and Gage Grosskreutz was injured.


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