Kyle Ritenhaus Boobs with Proud Boys, Flashes ‘White Power’ Sign

Prosecutors have sought to extend the ban on Cure Rittenhouse’s $ 2 million bond agreement when he visits once in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin, to try and take photos with the proud boys. Rittenhouse, a cause célèbre on the right, is charged with first-degree intentional manslaughter over the deaths of two protesters and a third injury during Black Lives Matter demonstrations during summer 2020. His lawyers argue that he fired in self-defense. Wisconsin law allows those in the presence of a parent to drink, and 18-year-old Rittenhouse arrived at Pudi’s Pub on January 5 with her mother. According to prosecutors, he was “loudly spoken” with a song by the Proud Boys Aladdin And posing for the photo by flashing the “white power” sign, creating an OK with one hand. He wrote a shirt reading, “Free as f – k.” Prosecutors filed a motion on Wednesday to amend their bonds to stop drinking alcohol, visiting establishments where alcohol is served, and socializing with known militias or white supremacist groups.

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