Kyle Lowry wants to join 76ers, Raptors are open to trade

The Raptors could trade Kyle Lowry.

Maybe the 76ers?

Keith Pompey from The Philadelphia Inquirer:

A source said Lowry would like to be in Philadelphia. The source thinks the Sixers and Raptors could do something.

Toronto told Lowry they would be willing to switch it to a preferred destination if they get anything of value in return, according to sources.

A league source says the Raptors want to reward Lowry for his years of service by helping him secure a shot at another NBA title.

It’s easy to see why Lowry would want to join the 76ers. He is a native of Philadelphia and the 76ers, unlike the Raptors, are in contention for the championship.

Of course, it depends on the teams if an agreement is reached. Toronto wants to do the right thing for Lowry, who has done so much for the franchise, is pushing the team into a trade.

If that’s what Lowry wants. Just because you would like to be in Philadelphia doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be happy to stay in Toronto.

One complication: Lowry has a salary of $ 30.5 million. Even if they are willing to pay more luxury taxes, the 76ers must send at least $ 24.32 million in a Lowry trade.

A bundle of Danny Green ($ 15,365,853), Seth Curry ($ 7,834,449), and another player would work. Green and Curry could help the Raptors, who are still in the race for the playoffs. Or Green and Curry could move elsewhere if switching to Lowry means Toronto is willing to step back. The Philadelphia picks could make this pay off for the Raptors.

The 76ers would sacrifice key depth and stability, even beyond this season. Lowry has an expiring contract and Curry is locked in for two more years.

But Lowry is probably worth it. He’s the perimeter creator and outside shooter Philadelphia needs to complement Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons deep into the playoffs. Lowry’s defense makes for an especially strong fit. The 76ers window is open.

I’m not predicting that the Raptors will trade Lowry to Philadelphia. But everyone involved has reason to be intrigued by the possibility.

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