Kushner: Trump team working on the unconventional Middle East peace plan, but “perfectly qualified”


White House chief aide Jared Kushner said Sunday that the Trump administration team charged with establishing peace in the Middle East "is not a conventional team, but a perfectly qualified team."

"When we were thinking about how to put the team together, the president and I focused on who are the most qualified people," Kushner told the Saban forum, a conference focused on US policy in the Middle East.

Kushner quoted attorney Jason Greenblatt and White House deputy national security adviser Dina Powell as key badets in developing a long-term plan for the Middle East.

The president's son-in-law, who was charged this year with developing a plan to promote peace in the region, said he believes Israel must reach a peace agreement with the Palestinians before it can form an alliance with other nations. Arabs

"I think if we are going to try to create more stability in the region as a whole, this problem should be solved," Kushner said.

President Trump is expected to delay the decision to relocate the US embbady next month. UU in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which was an important campaign promise.

Trump will probably make the announcement next week, but he can also officially declare Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel, authorities told The Associated Press.

The Arab League responded and said that the decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel would "fuel extremism" and violence in the region.

Both Israelis and Palestinians "really trust" Trump, Kushner said on Sunday, which has allowed the two sides to make progress.

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