Kushner prevented Trump from joining Gable after Twitter ban: report

Jared KushnerJared Corey Kushner. The end of the Gulf crisis is big news – but as the sands of the Middle East always shift, Saudi Arabia has agreed to give Qatar an open border., President TrumpDonald Trumpgrowing number of GOP lawmakers say they support impeachment, bar temporarily uploading new content to Trump’s channel house, measuring calls on Pence to remove TrumpAccording to a CNN report, the son-in-law and senior adviser blocked Trump from joining social media platform Peller and Gab after he was banned via Twitter.

Kushner and Deputy Chief Dan Scavino are said to have gone to other colleagues, such as Personnel Chief Johnny McKenney, an outside consultant and an administration official for not joining Trump on other social media platforms. told C.n.n.

Trump is now banned from the most prominent social media platforms. His favorite social media platform, Twitter, suspended him on Friday for electoral fraud claims.

Parler and Gab are platforms that have attracted some remote users due to the lack of speech restrictions on companies’ own platforms. Gab and Parlor are not available on Google Play or Apple App Store.

Trump announced on Friday that he would use his @POTUS Twitter account after announcing that he was going to build his own social media platform before quickly taking to Twitter.

Other Trump officials tried to give Trump his Twitter account. His digital director Gary Coby changed his name to Donald Trump and tweeted that he would give Scavino an account password. Twitter suspended Coby’s account five minutes after the tweet.

Mainstream social media platforms and companies have distanced themselves from Trump since the attack on the Capitol last Wednesday. Trump has not tried to speak publicly about electoral fraud conspiracies since the rebellion, but said he would not run for president-elect Joe BidenJoe BidenGrowing GOP MPs Say They Support Impeachment House Trump Measures to Call Pence to Remove Disney, Walmart Says They Will Block Donations to MPs Who Have Electoral College Results ObjectedOpening next Wednesday.


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