Kuo: New Apple Watch design coming in 2021, 120Hz iPhone expected next year

In addition to what can be expected from Apple this year, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has also outlined what might be on the table for Apple in 2021. Analysts speculate that a “significant form factor design change” could come to Apple Watch soon. As of the second half of next year.

Kuo points out that the Apple Watch Series 6 is similar to the Apple Watch Series 4 and Apple Watch Series 5 form factor, with the addition of blood oxygen sensing being the “major selling point” of this year’s upgrade. However, looking ahead to 2021, the analyst writes that he expects “a significant form factor design change with the new Apple Watch model in 2H21 at the earliest.”

Kuo poured cold water on expectations that the iPhone 12 lineup would feature a 120Hz display citing concerns over battery life. The debate over 120Hz will continue into 2021, however, Kuo predicted that the 2021 iPhone lineup would adopt 120Hz technology.

According to Kuo, the iPhone 13 (or whatever name it is being named) will adopt LTPO technology to reduce the display’s power consumption. In return, this would give Apple battery headroom to enable 120Hz functionality next year. Apple first adopted LTPO – or low-temperature polysilicon and oxide displays – technology in the Apple Watch Series 4, so it makes sense to extend the power-saving feature to the iPhone lineup next year.

Finally, as we reported this morning, Kuo has also speculated that Apple will bring Touch ID functionality to the side ID buttons in additional iPad models starting in 2021. The iPad Air 4 is expected to be the first Apple product with Touch ID in the power button, and mass production will begin in mid-September.

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