Kuo: Apple’s mixed reality headset with 15 camera modules and ‘groundbreaking biometrics’

Earlier this week, trusted tech analyst Ming-Chi Kuo brought up more details about Apple’s plans for its new AR / VR devices. Kuo has now said in a new research note obtained by 9to5Mac Rumored Apple’s Mixed Reality Headsets Will Include 15 Camera Modules, Enabling Advanced AR And “Breakthrough Biometrics”

According to Kuo, Apple is developing its mixed reality headsets with 15 camera modules. Of these modules, eight will be dedicated to augmented reality video experiences. A specific module will detect the environment to position objects in the scene, and six modules will allow “innovative biometrics”, as the analyst calls it.

The components will be provided by Largan Precision, a Taiwanese company that works as a supplier of camera lens modules for smartphones, tablets and other devices. Kuo expects the company to benefit significantly from Apple’s upcoming headphones.

We have reiterated several times in our previous reports that, although Largan faces the structural risk of a significant decline in Huawei smartphone market share due to the US ban, Largan still has long-term investment value, as the lens specification update cycle and new application trends remain. instead. In terms of short and medium term trends, we believe that the following potential benefits from Largan deserve investors’ attention, including the adoption of 15 camera modules with the Apple MR / AR headphones.

In his previous report, Ming-Chi Kuo reinforced that Apple will launch a new “helmet type” headset with Micro-OLED displays and virtual and augmented reality capabilities in 2022. The final price for customers is expected to be set at around $ 1,000. Kuo’s research also mentions that Apple is still working on new AR glasses, but they are unlikely to be released before 2025.

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