“Kuala Lumpur’s Chance Of Getting Hit By Space Station Miniscule,” Says ANGKASA


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Published on Thursday, 16 November 2017 16:18

Earlier this week, the Malaysian public have been shocked by information that China’s area station, Tiangong-1 would possibly crash into Kuala Lumpur after re-entry into the environment.

But in keeping with the Director-General of the National Space Agency (ANGKASA), Malaysians shouldn’t have to fret concerning the area station crashing into our metropolis.

Dr Noordin Ahmad stated that the likelihood the area station will crash land into Kuala Lumpur may be very low.

“Based on our calculations, the possible crash web site are between the latitudes of 43° north and south is 347.9 million sq. km, whereas Malaysia’s space is barely roughly 330,000 sq. km.

“The probability of its debris hitting Malaysia is only 0.09 per cent, and a miniscule 0.0000699 per cent for capital Kuala Lumpur being its landing spot,” he stated in a press release.

Aside Malaysia being a crash web site, he stated it was anticipated to hit different international locations together with Singapore, Sydney, Florida, and Beijing.

The badertion additionally added that many of the parts and the construction of Tiangong-1 will disintegrate throughout the re-entry into the environment, and the likelihood that the particles will trigger any destruction in direction of any terrestrial exercise together with flights may be very low.

Tiangong-1’s disintegration is at the moment being noticed fastidiously by quite a few businesses, similar to ESA, NASA, JAXA and CNSA and ANGKASA stated the ultimate estimate of the station’s crash web site might be made public by the United Nations.


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