Krueger: I like being spontaneous and adaptable & # 39;

The Buffalo Sabers have finally made a decision on a new head coach, hiring Ralph Krueger as the 19th head coach in the history of the franchise.

The team made the announcement official on Wednesday, however, the new Sabers coach was not officially introduced because he had previous duties in England when he ended his tenure as president of Southampton Football Club in the English Premier League.

Krueger replaces Phil Housley behind the Buffalo bench, and will seek to reverse the trend of shooting coaches after only two seasons.

Despite being in England, Krueger took the time to meet with Mike Schopp and the Bulldog on Wednesday to talk more about how to become the next head coach of the Sabers, the interview process and his coaching style.

Here is something I had to say:

Krueger on his potential opportunities to train again in the NHL:

"There were many opportunities in Europe, I was contacted by teams in the NHL, the conversation with Jason. [Botterill] I awoke the pbadion to train again. "

Krueger on his approach to coaching and his unique style:

"I do not think any coach is 100% anything, it's about putting the pieces together at the right time."

"I like to be spontaneous and adaptable, I love using my staff, I learned a lot more about sports science in the Premier League, I want to bring that here."

Krueger in spending time in Buffalo and interacting with fans:

"I wanted to feel the heartbeat of the season, I've been to the city several times, I understand pbadion and history, but I wanted to know what the market was saying."

"I went to six bars, I sat next to someone in a bar to talk about Sabers, just to hear what the fans thought, I enjoyed the adventure."

"I walked through the water, I love architecture, I like the artistic development that is taking place, very good renovations in the sand, it's a good place for the wife."

You can listen to the full interview below:

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