Kristi Noem Hosts Trump-Hosted Fundraiser in Mar-a-Lago

Noem has some shared history with the couple – she spoke at Trump’s July 4 event last year on South Dakota’s Mount Rushmore, which Guilfoyle had to skip because he tested positive for Covid-19 just before. Financial disclosure forms that were released last month revealed that Noem was commemorating the occasion by giving Trump a $ 1,100 replica of the Mt. Rushmore with his own face on the monument.

Noem is running for re-election in 2022 and has been mentioned as a future presidential candidate, though She only got 1 percent in a recent POLITICO / Morning Consult poll.. Noem will also speak this weekend at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando and will speak at a Republican National Committee donor summit in April, also in Palm Beach.

Public health experts have criticized Noem for her largely laissez-faire approach to dealing with the pandemic. South Dakota, with a population of just 885,000, has had more than 1,800 deaths from Covid-19. Compare that to South Korea, an entire country of nearly 52 million people, which reported 1,573 deaths as of Tuesday.

The invitation for the March 5 event says that to host a contribution of $ 4,000 per person or $ 8,000 per couple is required; that will get you a private panel discussion, photo shoot, and cocktail party with Noem, Guilfoyle, and Trump Jr. There is a $ 1,000 minimum contribution just to attend the fundraiser, which takes you to the cocktail party.

A spokesperson for Noem declined to comment. Trump Jr. referred the questions to a representative, who declined to comment.

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