Kristen Wiig, Ego Nodim Mock FX’s ‘A Teacher’ With Spoof Trailer – Deadline

Shanivari Night Live Ego Ejodim, Andrew Dismuk and host Kristen Wiig as one of the actors took shots in FX’s teacher-student drama A teacher With a parody season two trailer.

In SNL The teaser takes on Dismuk Nick Rockinson’s Eric Walker, who has an illicit relationship with his high school teacher (Kate Mara). Instead of staying after class to seduce his instructor, Dismuk’s Nick met a reluctant teacher, played by Namodim.

“Miss Williams, I can’t stop thinking about you,” Dismuk tells his partner SNL Actor crew member.

However, his high school teacher did not share the same sentiments as Namodim says, “Why? You stop to consider the minute you exit this class. “

While Dismuk’s character is reluctant to take criticism of his teacher and is disgusted as an answer, Kristen Wiig appears as the school’s principal. Upon entering the classroom, Wiig angrily asks if the teacher is following his student, though the idea of ​​dating a student is not to be reprimanded.

Namodim later responds in the negative, Wiig replies: “Well, because he’s my boyfriend and we’re in love.”

However, Dismuk’s character celebrated his 18th birthday before the sketch ended.

See the skit below.

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