Kovid and Vaping: MPs urge FDA to temporarily remove e-cigarette from market

This is true as young as the Reapers King Krishnamurthy (D- 13), which is particularly concerning, given that youth are increasing threats to the health and safety of Americans of all ages, COVID – Increasing the prevalence of 19. IL), Chairman of the Subcommittee of the Housing Committee on Oversight and Reform on Economic and Consumer Policy, who sent a letter on behalf of the Subcommittee.

In the letter, the subcommittee asked Hahan to confirm by August 18 – in a week – whether the FDA would temporarily clear the market for all e-cigarettes.

Given that the world still does not know much about the novel coronovirus, which causes Kovid-19 – and the trend that has recently surfaced – the two have an impact on or being connected to each other. Not much is known about.

But some new studies have begun to explore potential connections, particularly around how vaping may have a more difficult time fighting a coronovirus infection and possibly be susceptible to disease.

‘We thought we would see some relation’

According to a new study referenced in Krishnamurthy’s letter, young people who have ever used e-cigarettes were more likely to be diagnosed with Kovid-19.

The study, based on an online survey, also found that youth who have a history of using both e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes are seven times more likely than those diagnosed with Kovid-19 to have ever Also have not used the product.

Smoking, vaping and drug use may increase risk from Kovid-19
“We thought we’d see some relationships. We didn’t expect to see five to seven times as many possible relationships. It’s huge,” said Bonnie Halper-Felsher, professor of pediatrics and director of research at the Department of Adolescent Medicine said. Stanford University in California, which led to new studies.
The study, published Tuesday in the Journal of Adolescent Health, also found in its survey that respondents who reported vomiting in the last 30 days were 2.6 times more likely to be tested for Kovid-19.

“About half the sample was sheltered in place – because we asked that – but that doesn’t mean they’re not in the backyard with a friend sharing their vaping product,” said Halpern-Felsher, who has increased the Kovid – The risk of diagnosis of 19 may be tied to exposure to products sharing with coronovirus, touching your face more, or possibly breathing in droplets containing the virus through e-cigarette aerosols. More research is needed.

“We don’t know. These are hypotheses,” Helper-Felsher said. “I really think it’s all of the above.”

Why Kovid-19 can make you rethink your smoking habits

The study included data from 4,351 youth ages 13 to 24 in the United States who completed an online survey in May.

The survey asked him questions about using e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes with Kovid-19 related symptoms, testing and detecting the disease.

Helper-Feldsher said of the study’s results, “We’ve seen teenagers who are having asthma. We’ve seen seizures. We’ve seen bronchitis, pneumonia, hospitalization, lung collapse and now we’re looking at Kovid. Huh.”

The study comes with some limitations, in that it was based on self-reports from anonymous online survey responses – which may be biased if respondents do not provide honest answers.

Overall, Helper-Felsher said the survey findings have a message for young people and health care providers.

“It’s a real call for teenagers to stop using e-cigarettes – to stop using any inhaled product – to put things in their lungs,” he said. “There is a message for healthcare providers and it is a message for parents: Talk to your teen.”

Dr. The findings of a new study by UW Health and Researcher University of Wisconsin’s Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention at Bryan Williams, an internal medicine and pediatric hospital, were “related” and said it gives more reason to quit or smoke . .

“When you do a study like this you’re looking for a sign. Is there a connection between e-cigarette use and smoking and a Kovid-19 diagnosis? And it certainly seems that They have got a very strong indication, ”Williams, who was not involved in the study. One area that now studies further, he said, is why this linkage between Vaping and Kovid-19 may occur.

“Is this something about the actual ritual of getting your hands on your face? Are you bringing germs to your face? Is it the result of sharing steam instruments or sharing cigarettes? Or is it about something? Is that how smoking or vapor is causing inflammation? Is affecting your respiratory system or your immune system so that it is susceptible to infection? “Williams said. “Those things are unclear at this point.”

While there are many questions left to answer, a recent separate study has revealed how many young adults may be at risk of covariates due to vaping or other risk factors.

Smoking as a risk factor

About a third of young adults have some type of risk factor that makes them clinically vulnerable to serious illness if they receive Kovid-19, and smoking – including using traditional cigarettes or vaping e-cigarettes – The strongest risk factor, meanwhile, is the age group, according to a study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health in July.
3 out of 1 young adults are sensitive to severe Kovid-19 - and smoking plays a large part, research finds
Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, looked at more than 8,000 participants aged 18 to 25 who participated in the National Health Interview Survey to see what their medical vulnerability risk indicators for severe COVID-19 Thi is prescribed by the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, including health conditions and smoking habits.

Researchers found that 32% of the total study population was clinically vulnerable to severe Kovid-19. However, when the group of participants who smoked cigarettes or e-cigarettes was excluded from the analysis, the medically vulnerable percentage dropped by half to 16%.

“This difference between estimates is largely driven by the large proportion of young adults who reported that they had been in the past 30-day smoking (1 in 10) and previous 30-day e-cigarette use (1 in 14). Were linked, “the researchers wrote in their study. “In contrast, relatively few young adults reported medical conditions identified by the CDC as at risk for serious illness.”

Research showed that in the entire study population, young adult men were at high risk for severe Kovid-19. Although more women reported having asthma and immune conditions, higher rates of smoking in men dominated it. However, looking at just fuckers, women were more at risk.

According to a research paper published in May in the Journal of Nicotine and Tobacco Research, people who smoke traditional cigarettes have more severe disease than their Kovid-19 odds, a more serious disease than people who never smoked. .

For that paper, other researchers at the University of California, San Francisco reviewed and analyzed 19 previously published studies on the association between smoking and Kovid-19. Those studies included data from a total of 11,590 Kovid-19 patients. No study assessed e-cigarette use.

In their review of those studies, researchers found that 29.8% of Kovid-19 patients who had a history of smoking experienced their Kovid-19 illness for a more severe disease than only 17.6% of non-smoking patients. did.

In their paper, the researchers called on physicians and public health professionals to collect data on smoking and e-cigarette use as part of clinical assessments among Kovid patients.

CNN’s Naomi Thomas contributed to this report.