Kovid-19 Vaccine Safety Efforts for Feature App Tracking of Vulnerable Groups

Government health officials and DrugMakers plan to roll out additional means to find out if the Kovid-19 vaccines cause any serious side effects when the shots are cleared for widespread use, aiming for a rollout. Given the expected speed and scope, gaps in existing security measures have to be filled.

The measures include special surveillance for groups including pregnant women and the elderly, according to health officials and company officials involved in surveys and plans tracked through a smartphone app developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“We want to keep an eye on safety as soon as possible,” Grace M. Said Lee, who heads a Kovid-19 vaccine safety group on vaccination practices on the CDC’s advisory committee.

The CDC plans to send daily text to those who have undergone vaccination for self-reported freezing after the vaccination and web surveys for other possible symptoms. Officials said the smartphone-based system, V-Safe, would send surveys to vaccinated people. Surveys will be sent daily for the first week post-vaccination, then weekly for six weeks.

There are no approved Kovid-19 vaccines in the US, but several, including Pfizer Inc. and Modern Inc. Have been developed by thousands of people who study for the purpose of determining whether shots safely prevent disease. Preliminary results could come this month, with the possibility of government authorization for one or more vaccines by the end of this year.


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