Kovid-19 vaccine is expected to work on South Africa coronavirus virus

Johannesburg — A new version of coronavirus roaming in South Africa may make existing Kovid-19 less effective, but according to leading researchers studying mutations and vaccines, it is unlikely to be completely resistant to shots.

The variant, which has already shown patients in Europe and other African countries, has quickly become the most prominent in South Africa, sparking a second wave of infections that are overshadowing hospitals and registering high Induces daily deaths for.

South African researchers are racing to determine if it makes patients more seriously ill than other types of the virus. They are also testing how it responds to antibodies from people who have recovered from Kovid-19 and those who have received coronovirus vaccines.

Their official findings are eagerly awaited by researchers around the world, as earlier laboratory experiments in one of the variants’ mutations have shown that the body increases resistance to certain antibodies used to fight Kovid-19 Does. Britain’s Health Secretary Matt Hancock said earlier this week that he was “incredibly concerned about the South African version”.

But scientists working on antibody experiments and key investigators of several vaccine trials being conducted in South Africa say that – based on their understanding of the virus and the immune response generated by the shots – immunization should still work against the new version . Although perhaps not as effectively.


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