Kovid – 19 out of 1,000 Americans have died

Within 10 months since the start of the public health crisis, which has affected the lives of millions of Americans, the nation’s death toll has risen to more than 330,000, becoming the deadliest month of the year, the last of 2020 Nearly 60,000 people have lost their lives within a week.

The sheer scale of deaths means that Kovid-19 has killed one in 1,000 Americans.

According to Johns Hopkins University, around 19 million confirmed infections have been reported in 2020, with the average number of daily new cases remaining above 200,000 – more than three times the peak of the summer outbreak in July.

Within the last week of the year, Kovid-19 has become the leading cause of death in the US. Health officials estimate it to reach 400,000 early next year – eclipsing lost American lives during World War II, based on estimates from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington.

The arrival and promise of an effective vaccine, of which approximately 2 million doses have already been administered, will arrive too late for thousands of current patients.

According to the Kovid tracking project, states have recorded 120,000 Kovid-19 patients who were currently hospitalized on Christmas Eve. That figure broke a record that was just one day old, when more than 119,000 people were hospitalized.

On Christmas, health systems reported about 119,000 hospitalized patients.

The first reported coronovirus-related death in the US was in Washington state on February 29, although health officials later determined that two California-based Kovid-19s had died earlier that month.

Within the next few months, the nation’s death toll rose to 100,000 in May. Four months later, another 100,000 Americans had died of the disease.

Eleven weeks later, as infections and hospitalizations increased, the death reached 300,000 by mid-December.

As America reached its latest tragic milestone, millions of Americans passed through airports within the week leading up to Christmas, warning health officials to stay home to combat the spread of the disease.

Health officials have thanked for the cases and hospitalization, as happened after Thanksgiving, as families and groups gathered to celebrate.

Donald Trump has refused to sign the $ 900bn relief package, which provides $ 300 weekly federal unemployment benefits for 11 weeks and sends a one-time $ 600 direct payment to most Americans. A lapse in benefits, effective December 26, could severely require relief to millions of Americans.

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