Kovid-19 epidemic: live updates and news for January 18, 2021

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Global coronovirus cases achieved a figure of 95 million, while US deaths from Kovid-19 reached close to 400,000.

India kicked off one of the biggest Inoculation drives the world to spread the infection to a country of over 1.3 billion people. The UK will advance its immunization program as a country this week Shuts its boundaries for anyone who has not tested negative.

US President-Elect Joe Biden has promised 100 million vaccine doses in 100 days, “Absolutely Worth doing, ”Dr. Anthony Fauci said. The US claimed that the virus could emerge from a Chinese Laboratory.

Brazil gave Clearance for emergency use of AstraZeneca plc and Synovac Biotech Ltd vaccines. South Korea reported the lowest number of new cases in seven weeks. The Australian Open tennis tournament will go ahead, even though the number of players sent to the 14-day hotel quarantine has risen to 72.

Main development:

  • Global Tracker: Cases pass through 94.9 million; Deaths exceed 2 million
  • Vaccine Tracker: More than 42.2 million shots worldwide
  • big Vaccination campaign begins despite vaccine suspicions in India
  • From the bubonic plague to 2021, why Looks set to lockdown
  • Thailand sold itself as a paradise Kovid’s retreat. Nobody came
  • How the epidemic threatens to end due to vaccine fears: QuickTech

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California said UK variant scene Echo State (9pm HK)

The California Department of Health said it is concerned that the variant first found in Britain is being identified by viral genomic sequencing in several counties across the state. This version was seen in several large outbreaks in Santa Clara County, it said.

Los Angeles County, the epicenter of the latest wave, said it identified its first case from the variant on Saturday and is expected to spread within the community. “The reality is that the risk of contracting Kovid-19 is increased by the presence of B.1.1.7 in our community,” Hilda Solis, the county’s supervisors chair, said in a statement on Sunday.

South Korea has the lowest number of new cases in seven weeks (HK at 9:53 AM)

According to data from the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency’s website, South Korea has reported 389 new coronovirus cases in the last 24 hours. This number is the lowest since November 29.

Kovid worries over China’s Shanxi ban fever drugs (8:34 am)

China’s Shanxi Province banned the sale of anti-fever drugs as part of efforts to prevent an outbreak of the virus, according to a statement from the region’s Drug Administration. Pharmacists should guide people with fever to see a doctor in designated hospitals. Drug stores are also asked to monitor the sale of antibacterial and cough medicines and to report any irregularities.

Vaccine Program Steps as UK Corries Up Travel Very (HK at 8:24 PM)

Britain will step up This week as a massive vaccination program, offering shots to millions of people, the country cedes its borders to someone who has not tested negative. Vaccines will be offered to people aged 70 and older, and those considered “clinically extremely vulnerable” from Monday – the third and fourth priority groups.

Mayor of London Triggers Crisis Plan as Coronovirus Sweeps City

An employee cleans inside the ambulance after arriving at the Royal London Hospital, 9 January.

Photographer: Chris J. Ratcliffe / Bloomberg

The government is Foreign Secretary Dominic Rabb said it would consider “all possibilities” for travelers to implement the Kovid-19 rules, and would not rule out setting up quarantine hotels and using GPS trackers.

Airlines allowed to carry passengers in Singapore: ST (7:43 am HK)

The Strat Times reported that several foreign airlines have received approval from Singapore to transfer passengers to other locations at Changi Airport, a move to revive the city’s state air base, which is part of the epidemic. Beach travel suffers from restrictions.

Under Singapore’s transit rules, passengers must stay in designated facilities in the transit area. But those who come from places that Singapore has unilaterally opened its borders, such as China and Vietnam, are exempted from governance.


On January 3, a Kovid-19 patient was a nurse in care of Tarajana, California.

Photographer: Apu Gomes / AFP / Getty Images

130,000 hospitalized in the US (HK at 7:11)

New data from the Department of Health and Human Services outpaced the hospital for coronovirus by 130,000 last week. Kovid-19 patients jumped 7.3% to 131,637 from 29 December to 15 January View base content. The largest increases were recorded in Texas, Florida, California, Georgia, New York, Arizona and North and South Carolina. Illinois, Michigan, Colorado, North Dakota and South Dakota were hospitalized for Kovid-19, with 17% to 33% fewer patients recording.

Eurostar Survival Concern Groves (HK at 7:01 am)

UK business leaders call for government The rescue of Eurostar International Ltd. threatens to push the channel tunnel rail operator with the aim of stopping new strains of Kovid-19 as a border.

Eurostar, whose passenger connects London to Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam, “needs swift action to protect its future”, the London First Lobby Group said in a letter to the Chancellor of the excellent sage craze received by Bloomberg and 25 Signed more than officials and academics.

Swedish PM does not rule on new virus law (rule 3.50 pm NY)

He ignored his own Kovid guidelines after the Swords Slam PM

Photographer: Jessica Gow / AFP / Getty Images

Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Lofven has said that he cannot deny further sanctions under a temporary New law to deal with the spread of coronavirus epidemics.

“but I hope During an interview on state broadcaster SVT on Sunday evening, he said, we will not need to use it. The law, which runs from January to September, empowers Loughwane’s government to shutter businesses and fine citizens who fail to follow strict restrictions.

Virginia case record broken for second day (2:33 pm NY)

Virginia broke its record Sunday for new infections, reaching a new daily high of 9,914, state health data show. The state set a record of 6,757 new infections on Saturday. New deaths occurred 23, with a total number of 5,729, compared to 50 on the previous day.

Brazil first approved vaccines; Shots begin (2:02 pm NY)

São Paulo Governor João Doria Instituto Butta Coronavirus (NVVID-19) makes a press conference about the vaccine's Envisa

A nurse gives a dose of the Coronavac vaccine to a medical worker in São Paulo on 17 January.

Photographer: Rodrigo Pava / Getty Images

Brazil gave AstraZeneca plc and Sinovac Biotech Limited’s approval for emergency use vaccines against Kovid-19, allowing the country to begin deploying shots as the virus roars in Latin America’s largest economy.

Health regulator Invesa approved the vaccines at Sunday’s meeting, citing the recent significant increase of Kovid-19 cases in Brazil and the lack of options for treatment of the disease.

No peak in Ireland hospital yet, minister says (1:05 ​​pm NY)

Ireland expects coronovirus hospitalization to peak “in the next one or two weeks”, Health Minister Stephen Donley told state broadcaster RTE Radio, even as the nation ramps up its immunization schedule.

The country has seen one of the worst virus outbreaks in the world since the new year, with hospitalization doubling the previous high in April. Health officials said the decline in daily infections has begun, and on Sunday 2,944 cases were the lowest since New Year’s Day.

French Minister Said Vaccine Passport Prematurely (12:08 pm)


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