Kovid-19 epidemic: live updates and news for January 13, 2021

A health worker and a Kovid-19 patient in the ICU ward at a hospital in Stuttgart, Germany on 12 January.

Photographer: Andreas Gebert / Bloomberg

Germany agreed to stricter rules for travelers arriving from high-risk countries, while Austria may extend its third lockdown on concerns that a more contagious Kovid-19 strain is spreading in the country.

Japan expanded its state of emergency beyond the Tokyo region, covering the region that accounts for more than half of its economy. Outbreak is bad Doubting the fate of the postponed Olympics to be held in the country’s capital in less than 200 days.

US President-Elect Joe Biden Look for an agreement with the Republic on another round of virus relief, rather than attempting to ram a package without their support. US deaths from the virus climbed to a record 4,610 on Tuesday.

Main development:

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Waiver Rules for Ireland Hospital Employees (6:43 pm)

Ireland will allow hospital staff to work close contacts with coronovirus cases, as pressure increases on the country’s health system. Previously, employees were required to disassociate themselves under those circumstances, but now they would be monitored at work for any symptoms.

Health Minister Stephen Donley said Wednesday that the country should move forward for a “rough” week, which is likely to increase deaths. The country had the most coronovirus fatalities since April, with even cases falling.

Fear of mutations prohibiting entry into Germany (HK at 6pm)

Germany agreed to strict rules for travelers arriving from high-risk countries, in which potentially more dangerous virus mutations have been detected.

“Foreign visits to at-risk areas are not conducive to the epidemic situation,” Health Minister Jens Spann said in a statement after the cabinet’s measures were signed. “Virus mutations are an additional threat to our health,” he said. “We should prevent them from spreading as much as possible in Germany.”

The new rules, which go into effect on Thursday, require travelers from high-risk countries to prove that they are free of the virus within 48 hours of arrival. People in hard-hit areas in particular should provide a negative test before starting their journey.

Japan Virus Expands State of Emergency (5:30 PM HK)

Japan expanded its emergency beyond the Tokyo region to surround the country’s other main economic centers, as it fights to prevent a record increase in cases of coronovirus.

The government is adding seven more provinces to the current emergency declaration, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga told his virus task force on Wednesday.

Together with the capital and the three neighboring provinces that came under a state of emergency last week, the regions account for more than half of the country’s production. This expansion will further strengthen the possibility of the world’s third largest economy slipping back into this quarter.

Lunar New Year’s big test, says China Health Officer (4:16 PM HK)

China’s Coronovirus Response Faces “Large Trial”till Lunar New Year holiday, Wang Bin, an official of the National Health Commission said in a briefing. Wang said the risk may increase for those returning from overseas during more ceremonies, transportation of goods and vacation.

Meanwhile, a team of scientists from the World Health Organization is set to arrive in Wuhan on 14 January. Like other incoming travelers will be quarantined to see the origins of the coronovirus epidemic, said Mi Feng, a spokesman for the National Health Commission.

Singapore legislates for new use of tracing data (HK at 3:50 pm)

Singapore is a fast growing New legislation through Parliament to allow the use of contact tracing data for criminal investigations is a concern after recent revelations that the government was using more and more information to fight Kovid-19.

With one of the highest pick rates among contact tracing programs in the world, TraceT has been an effective virus-containing tool. Now it has become a test of public confidence in government after senior officials To acceptTed’s that it is also accessible to police is contrary to earlier statements.

Political opposition and rights groups have called on the government to drop the plan.

Japan China, s. Halt Business Travel Plan from Korea: NTV (3:42 pm)

Japanese Government China and South Korea plan to suspend its program to allow short-term business travel from 11 countries and territories, including NTV reports, citing unnamed officials. Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga is expected to announce the changes at a press conference at local time on Wednesday evening.

Austria lockdown may be extended (HK at 3:02)

The Austrian government could extend the country’s third lockdown, which should have ended on 24 January, Health Minister Rudolf Ansberche told Austrian public radio Oe1. Several incidents suggest that the super-infectious B117 strain is already spreading in the country, meeting previous plans. The latest lockdown, which came into force after Christmas, has so far failed to reduce the rate of new infections in Austria.

Office space due to Paris May virus (HK at 2:48)

Les Echos reported that the Paris area could lose between 2% and 12% of its office space over the next decade, as the Kovid-19 crisis and work-induced changes from home, and rents could also decline, Les Echos told. The newspaper cited a study by the Institut de l’épargne immobiliere et fonciere (IEIF).

Philippines to sign agreement with AstraZeneca (HK at 1:14 pm)

Will go to philippines Sign an agreement with AstraZeneca plc on Thursday till 20 million additional doses of its vaccine.

Private companies and local officials are helping the government secure the shots, vaccine Cesar Carlito Galvez said in a television briefing. Negotiations are ongoing with the company for the first shipment to arrive this quarter.

Changes for Sweden virus (HK at 1pm)

Sweden is, after arguably the world’s softest approach to dealing with the coronovirus epidemic Tightening the grip. As of Sunday, Premier Stephen Lofven’s government can fix and shutter businesses that fail to comply with restrictions on visitors, as well as prohibit private ceremonies, under a new law that runs through September.

This is mainly a departure from relying on recommendations and trusting people to follow them. With the health care system under increasing diarrhea and increasing deaths, some say it was greatly reduced.

Indonesia Kicks of Vaccination Program (HK at 10:45)

Indonesia made fun of it A large-scale inoculation drive using vaccines made by Synovac Biotech Ltd., a critical test for the sugar-grown shot amid questions over its efficacy.

President Joko Widodo received the vaccine on Wednesday at a television ceremony at the Rashtrapati Bhavan in Jakarta, the first of 181.5 million people the government intends to vaccinate by March 2022.

Indonesia launches mass vaccination against Kovid-19

People watch the broadcast of Yoko Widodo receiving a dose of Synovac Kovid-19 vaccine, 13 January.

Photographer: Dimas Ardian / Bloomberg

World Bank warns of financial crisis (HK at 10:13)

World Bank chief economist Carmen Reinhart is concerned that the distorted nature of the Kovid-19 epidemic may ripple and develop sheets of domestic and commercial balance. Financial Crisis.

“It’s a cumulative toll,” Reinhart said in an interview with Bloomberg Television. “It did not start as a financial problem. It began and continues, first and foremost a health crisis. But it has elements that are included in your classic balance sheet problems. “

Mexico Reports Record Daily Death Toll (9:21 AM)

Mexico reported the highest daily growth The government struggles to stop the outbreak as Kovid-19 dies. Deaths reached 1,314 on Tuesday, the single highest increase since October 5, when health officials adjusted their way of calculating fatalities from novel coronaviruses.

The nation of Latin America, which has the fourth highest number of deaths from the virus, now counts 135,682 deaths and 1,556,028 cases. The country’s capital, Mexico City, has seen an increase in hospitals.

China Reports 107 More Local Cases (8:59 am)

China reported 107 local coronaviruses The National Health Commission said in a statement that the infection occurred on January 12, including 16 in Hebei’s northern province of Hebangjiang and 90 in the northern province.

Hebei, which is near Beijing, now has more than 600 cases in the recent spate as the province imposes lockdowns in several cities. Heilongjiang authorities have put the province in an emergency situation.


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