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The US’s giant Korean inhabitants tends to not agree on a lot. But in terms of Donald Trump’s method to North Korea, the group – whether or not Republican or Democratic, spiritual or secular, a part of a thriving small enterprise group or a youthful era of extra progressive political activists – is each unified and scared half out of its wits.

“The consensus,” mentioned Joon Bang, govt director of the non-partisan Korean American Coalition in Los Angeles, “is that we find Donald Trump to be a greater threat than Kim Jong-un because he is creating more chaos and uncertainty. That’s shocking, right? It’s never happened before.”

Ever because the president began threatening Kim’s regime with “fire and fury” over the summer season, leaders of the 1.Eight-million-strong Korean American group have been begging him to ratchet again the incendiary rhetoric, to no avail.

Joon Bang, executive director of the Korean American Coalition in Los Angeles.

Joon Bang, govt director of the Korean American Coalition in Los Angeles. Photograph: Dan Tuffs for the Guardian

Already in August, a bunch of greater than 20 elected Korean American officers wrote a letter to the White House urging Trump to not introduce the specter of nuclear weapons. “As Korean Americans, we have clear and deep memories of the last time military conflict arose on the Korean peninsula,” they wrote. “Millions of Korean families live with collective memories of both the American and Korean bloodshed and the unending yearning for those loved ones who were lost or separated during the three-year war.”

The dismay has solely deepened since, as Trump has mocked Kim as “Rocket Man” and even “Little Rocket Man”; threatened, in his inaugural speech on the United Nations, to “totally destroy” North Korea; and tweeted that “just one factor will work” to resolve the disaster over North Korea’s evolving nuclear weapons capabilities.

“This is not normal,” the councilman David Ryu of Los Angeles, one of many signatories of the August letter, instructed the Guardian. “For the life of me, I don’t know if he understands what he means by ‘total destruction’. That means millions of people dying on both sides. Is that something that he wants on his conscience?”

Councilman David Ryu outside Los Angeles city hall.

Councilman David Ryu outdoors Los Angeles metropolis corridor. Photograph: Dan Tuffs for the Guardian

When Rex Tillerson, the secretary of state, sought to calm the jangling nerves of US allies by indicating final month that he was opening a line of communication to Pyongyang, Trump mentioned he was “wasting his time”. Now, Trump is planning a cease in South Korea on his five-nation Asian tour which begins later this week, however won’t make the customary journey to the demilitarized zone separating the north and south – apparently in deference to South Korean fears that he might inflame tensions additional.

Many Korean Americans interviewed for this piece mentioned the Trump administration was badly misreading the North’s intentions with its most up-to-date rounds of missile testing – acts that they mentioned have been in step with the North’s long-established habits as a wayward geopolitical youngster and wanted to be met with a grownup response.

“The missile tests are worrisome, but you have to remember we have had incidents and accidents every three or four years,” mentioned Edward Park, a professor of Asian and Asian American research at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. “Even under the best circumstances, these incidents have the potential to thrust the peninsula into crisis. Now, with all these tensions ratcheted up, we’ve just lost any margin of error.”

Ryu, the Los Angeles councilman, is especially attuned to the disparate voices within the Korean group as a result of his metropolis boasts the biggest single focus of Koreans outdoors of the Korean peninsula. Although a Democrat, he holds a non-partisan workplace and owes his election to a broad spectrum of voters and curiosity teams.

“We’re afraid this escalation of words could get to a point where there’s no turning back,” he mentioned. “It might field the North Korean dictator in to level the place there’s a showdown. It’s not in anyone’s curiosity, whether or not it’s Americans or Koreans or Japan or China, to have a conflict and particularly a nuclear conflict.

“We are unified in our concern, in our fear – and it’s starting to boil down to anger as well.”

The sentiments are little completely different amongst registered Republicans. “Is ‘Rocket Man’ an insult or a joke?” requested Alex Kim, of the Korean American Republican Council. “When you are dealing with another culture, you can’t badume they would see the humor in that … He [Trump] should rely more on the people he can delegate to instead of responding directly to another country.”

Alexander Kim.

Alexander Kim, of the Korean American Republican Council. Photograph: Dan Tuffs for the Guardian

Part of the outrage stems from the truth that many Korean Americans stay in shut contact with family and friends members again on the peninsula, which has lived with the specter of North Korean aggression for greater than 60 years. So somewhat than sharing the Trump administration’s alarm that an intercontinental ballistic missile would possibly quickly be capable to attain the continental United States, they have an inclination to really feel aggrieved that the US authorities has solely simply woken as much as their actuality.

Many Korean Americans discover themselves questioning the solidity of the long-standing US dedication to guard the peninsula now that the White House is preaching an “America first” mantra and poking holes within the safety preparations which have underpinned relations between the United States and far of east Asia because the second world conflict.

“There is a fundamental crack in the faith that Americans will treat the lives and fortunes of these countries as we would treat our own,” Park, the Asia specialist, mentioned. “When the president of the world’s only remaining superpower … washes his hands of the responsibility of the security alliances of Nato and our bilateral security alliances with South Korea and Japan, that’s a cause for huge worry.”

They additionally worry that the one resolution to a United States in retreat on the world stage is a extra nuclearized area – with Japan and South Korea buying their very own weapons over time to counter the menace from Pyongyang.

The letter despatched in August displays one other concern: that the Korean American group doesn’t have sufficient of a voice in Washington to speak Trump down from the ledge. No Korean American presently serves in Congress, and whereas Trump has signaled his intention to nominate an skilled Korean American nationwide safety hand, Victor Cha, as the subsequent ambbadador to Seoul, he has but to ship Cha’s nomination to the Senate for affirmation.

Since January, the state division has additionally misplaced lots of its top-level Asian affairs specialists, with little signal that they are going to be changed. “Many Korean Americans want to appeal directly to the president to remind him of some basic things – that there are real human beings living in South Korea and that North Koreans are human beings too,” Park mentioned. “No one in the neighborhood might credibly argue that turning the Korean peninsula right into a sea of fireplace is a good suggestion.

“There is no winner in a nuclear war – this is not reality TV. For Koreans, this is just an unimaginable recklessness that needs to stop.”

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