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"Tired and helpless cancer survivor … come to 'fatigue clinic'" – Herald economy

National Cancer Center Kim Hyun Joo Physical therapist is conducting a fatigue rehabilitation exercise program for cancer survivors [사진제공=국립암센터]

National Cancer Center, cancer survivor fatigue management 'cancer survivor fatigue clinic' opened

[헤럴드경제=김대우 기자] Has lately been in the last place to stay all day long. When I was diagnosed with bad cancer two months ago and had surgery and chemotherapy 8 months ago, I did not notice any decrease in my physical strength enough to take a family meal. However, after the treatment is over, he is suffering from severe fatigue and helplessness.

The National Cancer Center has opened the 'Cancer Survivor Fatigue Clinic' for cancer survivors who are suffering from severe fatigue even after the active cancer treatment.

We badess the contributing factors of fatigue to cancer survivors who have been treated, and manage them positively. Cancer-Related Fatigue Cancer-related fatigue is one of the major symptoms that destroys the lives of cancer patients and survivors and lowers their quality of life. Last year, two out of five cancer survivors who visited the National Cancer Center for Cancer Survivors' Integrated Support Center complained of fatigue. In the US study, 1.5 out of 5 cancer survivors reported moderate fatigue.

Cancer-related fatigue is persistent and has features that do not recover easily, even if they have had enough rest.

The cancer survivor fatigue clinic objectively measures the degree of fatigue experienced by cancer survivors through counseling and provides a contribution factor that affects fatigue. . Depending on the cause of fatigue, exercise-prescription, fatigue-cognitive behavior therapy, and nutritional management are performed to improve the body function.

A specialist at Yuseong rehabilitation medicine clinic said, "There are many reports that the proper exercise to manage and improve the daily fatigue of cancer survivors, cognitive behavior therapy for fatigue has a positive effect on cancer-related fatigue. It is recommended that the fatigue clinic be evaluated and prescribed by specialists because the factors contributing to the fatigue are different and accordingly the treatment direction for fatigue is different. "

Meanwhile, the National Cancer Center is running a cancer survivor integration support center to solve various physical symptoms, psychological and social welfare problems that may arise after cancer treatment, and to improve the quality of life.

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