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This Prime Minister directive to "stop work on public order construction in severe daylight"

[Seoul = NewSea] Kim Ji-hyun, reporter Lee Nak-yeon, urged the Prime Minister to temporarily suspend construction work for public construction on day 1,

The prime minister said in a press release on the same day that he urgently urged relevant ministries such as the Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of Land, the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and the Ministry of Maritime Affairs to prevent accidents and accidents caused by heat waves.

· Local governments · Public ordering · Construction and civil works have instructed them to stop work during daylight hours when heat is high, work in less hotter times, or postpone work for several days.

And ordered that construction workers be thoroughly supervised and supervised to comply with heatstroke safety regulations.

The prime minister also urged farmers and fishermen to actively guide them to not work during the day, during which the heat continues for several days.

Before the Prime Minister issued the instructions, "I have seen the highway repair work in the midday sunlight, but I can not delay the work or adjust the work time."

The Ministry of Public Administration and Security urged the Ministry of Public Administration and Security The ministry said it will revise the disaster safety law to include a heatwave as a natural disaster.

The prime minister stressed, "Even though the law is being revised to include the heat waves in natural disasters, I will have to deal with the heat as a special disaster even before the revision of the law."

On July 14, the National People 's Safety Measures Department of the summer on July 5, prepared for the heat supply by providing electricity supply and demand measures, but 27 people have died so far as the record heat of the heat wave that renews the highest temperature ever has been [2759002] fine @ newsis.

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