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The regret of patients with colorectal cancer, "should be examined immediately if blood"


Regrets of patients with colorectal cancer, "should be examined immediately if blood is found"

"I was only immersed in work while leaving my health checkups, It is important to have a blood test immediately, if it is bleeding once it is bleeding, even if it is mistaken for hemorrhoids. "(48 year old male, colorectal cancer patient)

"I have not had any other symptoms, so it was hard to believe that cancer was a rectal cancer that may have an artificial anus! I did not enjoy eating meat, I did not smoke nor drink alcohol. "

The talk of cancer patients' illnesses is a big cry for healthy people. In their truthful words, there is the experience of cancer treatment and prevention. A 48 – year – old male patient regretted wasting time until a final diagnosis was made.

He only spent work without a colonoscopic examination of the company 's health checkup. I have misunderstood the change of the bowel habits such as the blood being mixed with the side to the hemorrhoids and delayed the examination for the examination. He stressed that if symptoms of doubt appear in his body, he should be tested immediately.

52-year-old colorectal cancer (woman) can not forget the shock of cancer diagnosis at this time. It was a really dry sky. I have been living a temperamental way of life because I had no symptoms and kept away from bad food. Since 5-10% of patients with colorectal cancer (rectal cancer) are hereditary cancers, regular physical examinations should be done.

Stress management is also very important for cancer patients. It is helpful to talk to your doctor, nurse or other relatives who can express your feelings about your emotional state. Try not to force your own thoughts to your family and to talk comfortably with each other. It is good to participate in hospital and internet cancer patients meeting and get information.

Colorectal cancer (rectal cancer) is controversial with cancer of stomach cancer in first and second place (domestic). The colon refers to the rectum near the rectum and the rectum to the colon. Colon cancer is cancer of this rectum and colon. The 5-year relative survival rate is 76.3%, which is the criterion for cure, and 8 out of 10 patients have survived for more than 5 years.

Patients regret that they "did not have time to take care of themselves because they were being chased by work". Although information about cancer is abundant due to the influence of Internet health information, many people still do not know about symptoms of major cancer.

Early colorectal cancer does not show any symptoms, but already in the body, blood can be lost due to intestinal hemorrhage, which can lead to anemia.

When blood comes out from the anus, it may appear bright bright red or black. The most noticeable symptom of colorectal cancer is the change in bowel habits, stool, and anemia. It is especially necessary to thoroughly inspect these changes when they are over 40 years old.

Colon cancer prevention is well known. High calorie – It is good to eat high fat foods, red meat, vegetables, fruits and other foods rich in fiber.

Workers sitting all day need to move their bodies frequently. It is good for colon health because it dilutes the contents of the colon and reduces the time for toxic substances to pbad through the colon. Walking up and down stairs and walking a short distance helps prevent all cancers. Overeating is especially important in men because it increases the risk of rectal cancer, and smoking should be stopped and cigarettes should be discontinued to increase the risk of colon adenoma and rectal cancer.

For low-risk patients without symptoms, it is recommended to undergo colonoscopy every 5 to 10 years after the age of 45 years. If you have ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, Poiss-Eger syndrome, and familial adenomatous polyposis, you have to decide on the method of examination and interval after consultation because it belongs to high-risk group.

Park Ji Won, "There are people who get cancer from colon cancer, or people who get their own medicine, and it is good to discuss with doctors." It is important for the doctor to treat well, but it is important for the patients to be active

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