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The mosquito catches Google –

Entry 2018.11.30 03:02

Using infected bacteria from males, turning females into infertile mosquitoes … Programmed area 95%

The largest Internet company in the world, Google, has eradicated mosquitoes. Berylli, a bioscience division of Google's parent company, has wiped out 95 percent of the mosquito population in a neighborhood in the United States. UU

An exotic mosquito species from the Egyptian forest was found in Fresno, central California, in 2013. The mosquitoes of the Egyptian forests, which carry Jikawa and dengue, once disappeared, the city authorities of Fresno and Berylli wrote a way to eradicate mosquitoes as "infertility". The idea is that eggs hatched from bacteria that mate with female mosquitoes, which are infected with a bacteria called 'Bolbuckia', do not incubate.

Berry released more than 15 million mosquitoes infected with mosquitoes infected with Bolivia for six months starting in April. Male mosquitoes do not sting people anyway. "It has been confirmed that the number of mosquito species released in infected mosquitoes has decreased by 95 percent," said Bloemberg. The same type of experiment conducted in Queensland, Australia, in June, said it reduced mosquitoes by 80 percent.

According to the World Health Organization, mosquitoes kill 720,000 lives a year. Malaria is a mosquito-borne disease that killed 440,000 people in 2015. If Berry technology is commercialized, it can win the battle against mosquitoes. The problem is also the cost. Berry uses all kinds of advanced techniques to train bodies of zombie mosquitoes. In laboratories, mosquito genera are clbadified by robots and then bred in the nursery. The robot must constantly feed and control the temperature of the room.

"We're not going to reveal how much Berylli is infecting mosquitoes, but obviously it's very expensive to market them," Bloomberg said.

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